Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New Challenges To Announce

I have not *committed* to any of the following yet. Yet being the all important word of the day. How many people think that I have the will power to resist a new challenge? How many people are laughing right now?! The good news is that the three challenges I'm publicizing on my site today all begin in January. Correction: Two of the three challenges begin in January. The third doesn't have a start/stop date yet announced.

New Challenge #1

Themed Reading Challenge 2008 hosted by CaribousMom

January 1, 2008 - June 30, 2008

**UPDATE August 17, 2007: When signing up below, please link to your post about this challenge on your blog (not just to your main page). If you have already signed up and have not created a list yet, that is okay. Just come back when you post your list and re-sign up on Mr. Linky, making the link directly to your challenge list (I will delete your link to the main blog at that time). Thanks for all the enthusiasm about this challenge! It is really fun to host a challenge that gets people excited!


If you're like me, you have a stack of TBR books a mile high and you are just looking for an excuse to read them! I'm hosting a Themed Reading Challenge beginning January 1st and running 6 months. Here are the rules:

1. Choose at least 4 books that share a theme - such as historical romances or books with animals as the central character or books set in a particular part of the country or books about family secrets. It doesn't matter what the theme is - your choice!

2. Sign up here using Mr. Linky to link to your post of book selections by DECEMBER 31, 2007.

3. Write a review about each book you complete and a final wrap up at the end of the challenge.

4. Feel free to use the banner above on your blog.

5. Come back in January when I will have a Mr. Linky set up for you to link to your reviews of the books you have read.

New Challenge #2

Vasilly at 1330v is hosting the In Their Shoes challenge. The reading lists will need to have biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, etc. It is only for nonfiction. She has also started a blog just for this challenge. I would imagine it works somewhat like the Something About Me Challenge blog. http://shoesreading.blogspot.com/

How many people think that I just signed up for this challenge? You'd win that bet! I couldn't help myself. But at least I'm refraining myself from Mr. Linky because with those you have to post directly to your list of books. So I'm safe there.

New Challenge #3

This one is called Reading the Author. The idea is to choose ONE author and read a selection of his or her books over the three or four months of the challenge. This one is still in the development stage. But I am excited about this one! It is hosted by http://incurablelogophilia.wordpress.com/

If you've stumbled across another challenge that's *new* please let me know!!!


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