Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Travel the World: Plans and Announcements

I don't have a review for you today. But I do have an announcement of sorts. I am so loving this Travel the World Wednesday feature, and I was plotting ahead for what I wanted to do in the future. Starting Wednesday, November 28th, I'll be highlighting how Christmas is celebrated all around the world. Based on the list below, that comes to 'reviewing' or 'highlighting' five books a week. (For the record, these are all from my local library. I'm 'choosing' these countries because these are the ones at my library. If I could find books on more countries, I'd be happy to highlight more.)

Christmas in Brazil
Christmas in Switzerland
Christmas in Greece
Chrismas in Russia
Christmas in Mexico
Christmas in Finland
Christmas in the Philippines
Christmas in Spain
Christmas in Scotland
Christmas in Australia
Christmas in France
Christmas in the Holy Land
Christmas in Today's Germany
Christmas in Italy
Christmas in in Denmark
Christmas in Germany
Christmas in Ireland
Christmas in Belgium
Christmas in Ukraine
Christmas Around the World by Emily Kelley
Christmas Around the World by Mary D. Lankford.

National Geographic has what looks to be a great series on holidays and celebrations from around the world. But these books aren't in my library, and I don't have a contact at that publishing house. But ideally, I would love to review these as well if I can get my hands on some review copies:

Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Christmas
Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Thanksgiving
Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Hanukkah

Hypothetically speaking, I'd love to review the whole series. I don't want to 'ignore' any holiday title in particular. But I don't want to list them all out either.

And I'd love to read/review Christmas Around the World: A Pop-Up Book by Chuck Fischer. Little, Brown is the publisher of that one.


jehara 12:38 AM  

oh that sounds so interesting. can't wait to read your reviews. i love learning about how different cultures celebrate.

Kailana 9:41 AM  

My mother gets a book about another country every year at Christmas. I think it might have stopped when we moved, but we have a huge stack of them. I really should read them more often.

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