Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sunday Salon: Birthday Weekend Edition

It's been busy the last few days--Thanksgiving, birthday (Saturday), birthday party (Sunday), baby shower*(Sunday). So I'm just a wee bit exhausted. I feel very drained--emotionally and physically. That plus all the mad obsessive blog redesigning going on. Turns out that what I went with wasn't that different from before. In fact, you may not have noticed--at least not right away--if I hadn't made a point of talking about it. I know I'm finally happy with it because when I asked for opinions, I decided to stick with what I wanted no matter which way the opinions went.

I've got three book tours supposed to be posting tomorrow. Oops. I have read all three books. But I've only written one of the posts--and scheduled it to appear. The other two will have to be done tomorrow unless I get super-motivated and do it tonight. Usually I'm much more on top of things. I need to make a note to self to never commit to doing three tours all on the same day.

If I get copies of Thanksgiving and the baby shower, I'll post a few. Tossy was *very* cute at Thanksgiving. But I don't know when my sister will upload the photos. And I've asked for a few pictures of the baby/baby shower. But I don't know if I'll get those or not. It wasn't my camera. And surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) there were no pictures of this year's birthday party. I don't think anyone thought to bring their cameras.

I was planning on posting a review (or two) this afternoon, but I haven't been stringing together thoughts well today and I don't think I can manage it.

*For baby Lily. :) And I did get to hold her which is always a good thing except for when it isn't.

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Annette Laing 8:00 PM  

Becky, I do realize that I'm but a humble commentor (Is that a word? It should be!)BUT I recognize a fellow workaholic when I see one. Please slow down, and know that even your blog is less important than your health. It took me two major illnesses in two years to realize that (duh) I needed to look after myself a bit better, and I sincerely hope it doesn't come to that with you!

3M 9:10 PM  

Becky, Happy Birthday!!

I hope you feel better soon; take care of yourself!

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