Thursday, January 29, 2009

Confession time...

As much as I'm trying to deny it...I think...I think I'm sick. As in sick enough that it's interfering with my reading. I can't seem to get much all. And so I have no idea what I'll "review" tomorrow and this weekend. I'm going to look through my box for something light and quick and see if I can't read something at least. After all, I can't take my next dose of pills until after 11:30 so I've got to do something with my time, right? Anyway, it will either happen or it won't.

I've had cold/allergies congestion since Tuesday, and yesterday I had the most evil migraine imaginable. One minute fine, the next minute I had lost 70% of my vision. While the visual effects never last longer than half an hour it is pretty terrifying. That and it leaves my eyes feeling weak. So needless to say, no reading got done yesterday.

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Amanda 10:31 PM  

Feel better Becky! And I promise, it's ok to take a break from reading every now and then :)

Reader Rabbit 10:45 PM  

Get better soon, Becky! And, don't worry about the reviews. :)

Amy 10:52 PM  

I hope you feel better soon!!

Chris 11:23 PM  

Sorry Becky :( Hope you feel better soon! I haven't done any reading or commenting in the last few days. I hear you with the migraines! Got one right now...and genius me gets on the computer, lol.

Kailana 11:32 PM  

I hope you feel better soon! It is that time of the year, though...

.Books by TJ Baff 12:13 AM  

Hope you feel better soon.
I have had the flu too.....nasty stuff!

Josette 3:03 AM  

Take care Becky. Hope you get well soon.

Nymeth 4:25 AM  

I hope you feel better soon, Becky!

Lynne 6:09 AM  

Hope you feel better soon. I get migraines, so I feel your pain.

Anna 6:28 AM  

I hope you feel better soon. Those migraines are awful.

Diary of an Eccentric

Heather 6:55 AM  

Praying for you to recover quickly, Becky.

Anonymous,  8:16 AM  

Oh, I'm so sorry! Take care, rest and don't worry about reviews - your health is much more important! Don't try to read; if you are feeling ill you probably won't enjoy what you're reading anyway. Be well soon! L.

Natasha @ Maw Books 8:22 AM  

Oh yuck. It's awful to be sick. I hope you feel better soon.

Shooting Stars Mag 11:18 AM  

That's awful about your eyes! I hope you feel better. don't push yourself if you can't read, though it IS rather sad when you don't feel well enough too, huh?


Janice Robertson 11:29 AM  

Sorry to hear you're feeling sick. What about listening to a book? It would be better than nothing if the illness persists. (I go stir crazy if I can't read!)

Kristina 11:32 AM  

Take care of yourself! Curl up in bed. I know that sometimes changing my surroundings and making myself more comfy helps get me in the mood to read again. I can't stand it when I get migraines though, I can't read with those!

Serena 12:19 PM  

i hope you start feeling better soon...its no fun to be sick if you can't spend the time curled up on the couch reading

heatherlo 3:06 PM  

I'm so sorry you're sick, Becky! I get migraines too and it's basically impossible to read with them, so I totally get it. Not to worry, we will be here whenever you are able to post more. :)

Jennie 3:52 PM  

Feel better! I once hurt my back really badly and was on all sorts of muscle relaxants--but they relaxed my eyes so much, I couldn't focus them enough to read. An entire week where reading was impossible! It was awful!

Jen Robinson 5:51 PM  

Hope you're feeling better, Becky!

Debi 5:59 PM  

Oh no, Becky! Don't worry about reviews...just take care of yourself and feel better soon!!!

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