Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New poll

If you've got a few minutes....please vote in my poll to the right. The question this time is...should I keep the comments embedded--like they are now....and like they have been since Novemberish--or should I switch back to one of the other options blogger has...pop ups or full page. Regardless of the option, I will NEVER do word verification.

Personally, I like the appearance of the embedded comments. It's easy on the eyes. You have the post in front of you, and it seems quick and easy if all goes well. However, I've heard from about six or seven of you over the last seven or eight weeks that you have trouble submitting comments. During the same time I've received many comments--probably a hundred or so--so I know it works for most people. But not all. And I've posted my email address (here, there, everywhere) and posted a contact form for those folks who can't comment so they can reach me another way.

Pop-up comments. On the plus side, you can still see the post you're commenting on. But I know some people find pop-ups annoying. And some browsers block pop-ups unless you set it otherwise. So a viable option. Something to consider. But not my first choice.

Full page. Not a pop-up. But you can't really see the post you're commenting about...and it's easy to lose focus and forget what you meant to say. Although maybe it's only me that has that problem.

In an ideal world, the option I choose would please every single person....and myself...and it would be simple and straight forward. But pretty too.

So what say you????

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Nymeth 2:30 PM  

I love the appearance of embedded comments too, and I switched to that a couple of weeks ago. But I switched back to pop-ups because two blogging friends told me they always had trouble submitting embedded comments. One said they could never get it to work at all. I never had problems with embedded comments myself, but I guess some browsers make it difficult while others don't.

The things I like about pop-up comments is that they let you see people's avatars, and that, like you said, you can still see the post. I totally do forget what I meant to say with full page comments.

I don't like word verification either, but I always get so much spam when I turn it off :/

Kristina 2:33 PM  

It's really all in what you like. But personally I love the pop-up comments because like you said, you can still see the post you're commenting on. Sometimes I do get sidetracked and can't remember every thing I wanted to say, so that's nice to have it in front of you. I love how you ask for our feedback!

anilee 2:42 PM  

If you use the full page to show comments, you can still display the post. On the comment page, under the title of the post, where it shows the number of comments, there should be a blue link that says "Show original post". If you click that, the post appears, minus the spacing between paragraphs, it seems like. I like the full page because you don't have to keep clicking and scrolling so much as you write your comment.

I'm definitely not a fan of the pop-up comment box. I think it's because I have a habit of opening links in a new tab, and the pop-up window gets all stretched when opened in a new tab and it's kind of annoying.

I know the embedded commenting can be temperamental, but I think I like it best. (Or the full page.)

Kristi 10:21 PM  

I like the look (and ease) of embedded, too. When I encounter a full-page comment (actually, I think I have my blog set on that...I should check), I do the same thing Anilee does, I click on the "Show the original post" link, because I'm like you...I'll go off on some rant/tangent and forget what I meant to say! When I'm working with full page, I do have to scroll up and down a lot to see the comments already made though.

I don't know what to tell you...I've had no problems with embedded comments on either my old PC (running FireFox) or with my new Mac (running Safari). But I would hate to think I was losing readers or comments because they couldn't get it to work.

Kristi 10:23 PM  

Now that was interesting. After saying I've had no problems, I clicked on "Post Comments" and it said it could not be done. Being the button-pusher that I am, I tried clicking on "Preview" and then "Post comment" and it worked. First time that's ever happened to me...weird...

Kristi 10:24 PM  

And that time? No problem. OK, I'll shut up now...

DesLily 5:10 AM  

I do find the embedded can be a lot of scrolling but none are "that bad".. you should use whatever you like :o) I used what was preset back when i came to blogspot and use verification after having been attacked by spam..took it off and they found me again so i leave it on. I can't say I like it either but we do what we must to be comfortable

sally906 5:19 AM  

Doesn't worry me at all - I read your blogs through my google reader and only venture over here when I want to post a comment :)

Callista 9:56 AM  

I prefer the embedded comments and will most likely be switching to that too. I dont like full page comments because like you I forget what I wanted to say and then can't see the post. Not specifically your site but those with embedded comments from blogger, I've had a few times where I had to resubmit the comment but it's never NOT shown up at all.

Natasha @ Maw Books 11:18 PM  

I like embedded comments although for some reason when I hit submit it takes me out of Google Reader and opens your blog. I can handle it though better than a pop up.

Anonymous,  10:53 AM  

I like the embedded - and I generally have to click twice on "Post Comment" - it's a rare (and unexpected) thing when my comment is accepted at once, but I have no problem with it. L.

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