Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Should I Read Next?

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya by Nagaru Tanigawa
"The question of how long someone believed in Santa Claus is a worthless topic that would never come up in idle conversation. Having said that, if you're going to ask me how much of my childhood I spent believing in an old man in a red suit, I can confidently say that I never believed in him to begin with."

Born to Fly by Michael Ferrari
"Just 'cause I was a girl in 1941, don't think I was some sissy. Shoot, I saw stuff that would've made that bully Farley Peck pee right through his pants."

Tales of The Madman Underground by John Barnes
"I had developed this theory all summer: if I could be perfectly, ideally, totally normal for the first day of my senior year, which was today, then I could do it for the first week, which was only Wednesday through Friday. And if I could be normal for that first short week, I could do it for the next long week. After that I'd just have to repeat the have-a-normal-week process seven more times. I'd worked that out on a calendar."

A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn
"If I hear one more syllable about spindles, I shall surely die!"

Which of these four books should I read next?

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Paige Y. 6:28 PM  

My vote is for A Kiss in Time but that's because I'd kill to have the book -- I have loved every one of the Alex Flinn books I've read, most especially Beastly.

emeraldfire 7:18 PM  

My vote is for A Kiss in Time because I love the cover.

Rivka,  8:00 PM  

Born to Fly!

Vasilly 8:29 PM  

Born to Fly sounds very promising.

Sandra 9:35 PM  

I can't resist a book with the word "melancholy" in the title. I don't know why. And I knew the first time someone mentioned Santa Claus that it wasn't true. I'd like to hear about Haruhi Suzumiya and what makes her tick, so I recommend the Tanigawa book.

Amanda 10:25 PM  

I would love to see your thoughts on Born to Fly. I didn't like Madman at all...

Julie J. 11:58 PM  

I vote for A Kiss In Time. I love the cover and I try really hard to not to judge that way, but I couldn't help this one!

Jemima 12:10 AM  

A Kiss in Time - The cover is pretty and from the snippet you quote seems good.

Kailana 6:48 AM  

A Kiss in Time. It was the first book that I noticed.

Tif 7:00 AM  

I vote for Born to Fly!

Also, I wanted to let you know that I've passed an award on to you (actually twice!!). Anyways, here's the post on my blog: http://tiftalksbooks.blogspot.com/2009/06/lemonade-award.html

Melissa 12:38 PM  

a-ha! I saw A Kiss in Time at B&N last week, but couldn't remember the title by the time I got home. Thanks. (It looked interesting...)

Inside A Book 3:11 PM  

A Kiss in Time - I like the first sentence!! I'd dive right in.....

What fun to have such choices. Enjoy!

Genevieve 8:38 AM  

I like Born to Fly.

Tomas 12:48 PM  

Get your hands on to Tomas - The new novel by James Palumbo. I visited their website and the book seems to be extraordinary. They have also released an animation on YouTube - Tomas - The Book

Pattie 5:45 PM  

Please read Born to Fly.

Anonymous,  12:17 PM  

I vote Born to Fly! The author grabs your attention.

Anonymous,  12:18 PM  

Please dive in to Born to Fly. The author captures your attention.


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