Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly Geeks: Catching Up On Reviews

This week's weekly geeks theme is one of my favorites. It's a Dewey Original. Though I don't think it's a favorite of other weekly geeks. (I'm not sure why.)

1) In your blog, list any books you've read but haven't reviewed yet. If you're all caught up on reviews, maybe you could try this with whatever book(s) you [hope to] finish this week. 
2) Ask your readers to ask you questions about any of the books they want. In your comments, not in their blogs. Most likely, people who will ask you questions will be people who have read one of the books or know something about it because they want to read it.
3) Later, take whichever questions you like from your comments and use them in a post about each book. I'll probably turn mine into a sort of interview-review. Link to each blogger next to that blogger's question(s).
4) Visit other Weekly Geeks and ask them some questions!

I happen to be all caught up on reviews. But I am currently reading a handful of books. So I will share what I am currently reading. And you can ask me questions about any of these! If you're not familiar with a particular book--you can ask me about the author or the genre!
  • Pickwick Papers by Charles Dickens (Victorian literature/classic)
  • Last Chronicle of Barset by Anthony Trollope (Victorian literature/classic)
  • Enclave by Ann Aguirre (YA dystopian)
  • Black Orchids by Rex Stout (adult mystery)
  • The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck (adult literature/classic)
These are books that I have NOT started yet. But I hope to get to very soon. You can ask me questions about these if you prefer.
  • Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (classic)
  • The Islands of the Blessed by Nancy Farmer (MG/YA Fantasy)
  • Angel Isle by Peter Dickinson (MG/YA Fantasy)
  • Mine is the Night by Liz Curtis Higgs (Adult Historical Fiction/Christian Fiction)
  • The Gift by Bryan Litfin (Adult Fantasy/Science Fiction/Christian Fiction)

Want to help me pick the next book from my TBR pile? I'm participating in the TBR Pile Challenge, I'm feeling a little discouraged.

A Faraway Island. Annika Thor. (MG Historical Fiction)
War Games. Audrey Couloumbis and Akila Couloumbis. (MG Historical Fiction)
The Miles Between by Mary E. Pearson  (YA Realistic Fiction)

Even if you're not participating in the Weekly Geek event, I ask you to please ask a question or two!

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Kimberly 12:08 AM  

I wish I had some more questions for you, your reading list is amazing! Alas, I haven't read any books from your TBR Pile and can't help there.

I'm curious about Trollope's Last Chronicle of Barset though. What made you pick it up? What did you think it would be when you first picked it up (or when you started the series)? Lastly, is it good? :)

bookwormans 7:55 AM  

I read "The Pickwick Papers" a couple of years ago. What is your impression so far? How is this collection of shorter stories comparing to his longer cohesive novels like "Bleak House" and "Little Dorrit"? Any favorite parts/characters so far?

Anonymous,  11:48 AM  

A few questions about "Angel Isle" then - How does it compare to "The Ropemaker" - is it the same in tone, or different? If it differs in a marked degree, then how? What about story? characters? How does it function as a sequel?


Suey 8:16 PM  

When you get to the end of The Good Earth, I want to know what your reaction is. And do you feel sympathetic to any of the characters? And if so, who?

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