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The Nero Wolfe Not-so-Mini Challenge

Nero Wolfe Not-so-Mini Challenge. Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin star in many of Rex Stout's mysteries. I love, love, love both these characters. I find this series incredibly satisfying and completely delightful! I would love to encourage others to read some of these mysteries. And, of course, to watch some episodes of A Nero Wolfe Mystery.

How many books (or movies or TV shows or radio shows) are 'required' for the challenge? Well, that's up to you. If you want to challenge yourself to twelve, I'm not going to say that's too many. Or if you want to challenge yourself to three I'm not going to say that's too few. I'd say the minimum is two though if you want to call it a success. (Of course, if you read one and don't like it, I'm not going to ask you to keep going, unless you want to!) Remember this is more than just a reading challenge. The TV show is QUITE ADDICTIVE. Extremely addictive.

Every participant can have their own goals for the challenge.

Some audio books are available in this series. Those would count for the challenge as well.
Same goes with e-books.

Start date: any time in 2011 (Yes, all of 2011--even though I'm posting this in June).
End date: any time you want (This will be an ongoing project for me, but you can set your own deadline if you want.)

The Nero Wolfe novels:
  • Fer-de-Lance (1934)
  • The League of Frightened Men (1935)
  • The Rubber Band (1936)
  • The Red Box (1937)
  • Too Many Cooks (1938)
  • Some Buried Caesar (1939)
  • Over My Dead Body (1940)
  • Where There's A Will (1940)
  • Black Orchids (1942)
  • Not Quite Dead Enough (1944)
  • The Silent Speaker (1946)
  • Too Many Women (1947)
  • And Be A Villain (aka More Deaths Than One) (1948)
  • Trouble in Triplicate (1949)
  • The Second Confession (1949)
  • Three Doors to Death (1950)
  • In The Best Families (aka Even in the Best Families) (1950)
  • Curtains for Three (1951)
  • Murder by the Book (1951)
  • Triple Jeopardy (1952)
  • Prisoner's Base (aka Out Goes She) (1952)
  • The Golden Spiders (1953)
  • Three Men Out (1954)
  • Before Midnight (1955)
  • Three Witnesses (1956)
  • Might As Well Be Dead (1956)
  • Three for the Chair (1957)
  • If Death Ever Slept (1957)
  • And Four to Go (1958)
  • Champagne for One (1958)
  • Plot it Yourself (aka Murder in Style) (1959)
  • Three At Wolfe's Door (1960)
  • Too Many Clients (1960)
  • The Final Deduction (1961)
  • Homicide Trinity (1962)
  • Gambit (1962)
  • The Mother Hunt (1963)
  • Trio for Blunt Instruments (1964)
  • A Right to Die (1964)
  • The Doorbell Rang (1965)
  • Death of a Doxy (1966)
  • The Father Hunt (1968)
  • Death of a Dude (1969)
  • Please Pass the Guilt (1973)
  • A Family Affair (1975)
  • Death Times Three (1985)

Nero Wolfe Novellas:
  • Bitter End (1940)
  • Black Orchids (1941)
  • Cordially Invited to Meet Death (1942)
  • Not Quite Dead Enough (1942)
  • Booby Trap (1944)
  • Help Wanted, Male (1945)
  • Instead of Evidence (1946)
  • Before I Die (1947)
  • Man Alive (1947)
  • Bullet for One (1948)
  • Omit Flowers (1948)
  • Door to Death (1949)
  • The Gun With Wings (1949)
  • Disguise for Murder (1950)
  • The Cop-Killer (1951)
  • The Squirt and the Monkey (1951)
  • Home to Roost (1952)
  • This Won't Kill You (1952)
  • Invitation to Murder (1953)
  • The Zero Clue (1953)
  • When a Man Murders... (1954)
  • Die Like a Dog (1954)
  • The Next Witness (1955)
  • Immune to Murder (1955)
  • A Window for death (1956)
  • Too Many Detectives (1956)
  • Christmas Party (1957)
  • Easter Parade (1957)
  • Fourth of July Picnic (1957)
  • Murder is No Joke (aka Frame-Up for Murder) (1958)
  • Method Three For Murder (1960)
  • Poison a la Carte (1960)
  • The Rodeo Murder (1960)
  • Counterfeit for Murder (1961)
  • Death of a Demon (1961)
  • Kill Now--Pay Later  (1961)
  • Eeny Meeny Murder Mo (1962)
  • Blood Will Tell (1963)
  • Murder is Corny (1964)
  • Assault on a Brownstone (1985)

Episodes of A Nero Wolfe Mystery

  • The Golden Spiders
  • The Doorbell Rang
  • Champagne for One
  • Prisoner's Base
  • Eeny Meeny Murder Moe
  • Disguise for Murder
  • Door to Death
  • Christmas Party
  • Over My Dead Body
  • Death of a Doxy
  • The Next Witness
  • Die Like a Dog
  • Murder is Corny
  • Motherhunt
  • Poison a la Carte
  • Too Many Clients
  • Before I Die
  • Help Wanted, Male
  • The Silent Speaker
  • Cop Killer
  • Immune to Murder
Nero Wolfe was also adapted for radio. I found a link to listen to The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe--these programs were from 1950-1951. (Also on this site.)
  • Stamped for Murder
  • The Case of the Careworn Cuff
  • The Case of the Dear, Dead Lady
  • The Case of the Headless Hunter
  • The Case of the Careless Cleaner
  • The Case of the Beautiful Archer
  • The Case of the Brave Rabbit
  • The Case of the Impolite Corpse
  • The Case of the Girl Who Cried Wolfe
  • The Case of the Slaughtered Santas
  • The Case of the Bashful Body
  • The Case of the Deadly Sell-Out
  • The Case of the Killer Cards
  • The Case of the Calculated Risk
  • The Case of the Phantom Fingers
  • The Case of the Vanishing Shells
  • The Case of the Party for Death
  • The Case of the Malevolent Medic
  • The Case of the Hasty Will
  • The Case of the Disappearing Diamonds 
  • The Case of the Midnight Ride
  • The Case of the Final Page
  • The Case of the Tell-Tale Ribbon
  • The Case of the Shot in the Dark
  • The Case of the Lost Heir
  • The Case of Room 304
You can sign up for the challenge by leaving a comment. 

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Shelley 10:33 PM  

I wonder if it's strange that I've never heard of these? I'm am tempted to join along. I'm going to check to see if some are available at my libraries.

Golden Spider 10:50 AM  

Glad to find another Wolfe fan. You may want to try David Zeltserman's Julius Katz and Archie Smith books. They are really a hoot.

Carol Novak
web mistress

"The multi-award winning novellas by Dave Zeltserman, originally published in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine are now available as e-books, online, AND the long-awaited, full length novel is also now available online for download -- all in a variety of formats."

Jan in Edmonds 11:14 PM  


I'm so glad you've posted this -- I've really missed you and the other challenge participants. I'd love to listen to a couple of Stout's Nero Wolfe books. Who knows maybe I will fall in love with the series & want to do more. Blessings always ~~

Jan (in Edmonds)

Snowball 2:31 PM  

I'm a fan from way back and I always mean to look up the novels but I never seem to get around to it. You've given me incentive to do just that. Thanks.

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