Thursday, March 06, 2008

I do believe in snow?! *New* With Pictures

It is snowing. It isn't the *first* snow of the year. (That would be earlier this week--Monday, I believe.) But it's snowing. And it's not the snow for three minutes then turn to rain kind either! It's been snowing a good hour and a half now. Snow in Texas is a big deal after all. (It stopped snowing at 5ish.)

I especially like this one. In actuality, a limb or branch has bent over. But doesn't it look like a giant frozen rat? I can see his eyes, his ears, his little open mouth, his arm, his hindlegs, his tail.


chrisa511 said...

Oh wow! We're supposed to get that rain later on...maybe we'll get some snow down here too! Yeah right...doubt it!

Debi said...

Good for you! Enjoy it, Becky! (I don't think I could live without snow.)

Laura said...

Isn't it beautiful?! We're getting gigantic, silver dollar-size flakes here. It's incredible. A group of us went outside to take pictures.

Laura, in Plano