Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Arthurian Challenge Sign-Up Here!

Big thanks go out to Robin who made this oh-so-awesome banner/button.

When: April 2009 through March 2010

Goal: To read books starring characters found in or inspired by Arthurian legends. (King Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, Merlin, Lady of the Lake, etc.) There are no set amount of books. Read one or two. Or read a dozen. You set the amount that feels good to you!

To sign up fill out the form below. Do NOT use your email address (I don't ask for it) because the form is public.

No lists are necessary. You can change your mind on WHAT you reading or should that be WHO you’re reading at any time.

If at any time you dislike a book, then feel free to discard it and pick up another. Don’t feel obligated to push through a book you don’t like on my account!!!

What about movies? What about graphic novels? What about comics? What about audio books? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. All of those things count. So though it says 6-12 books. It can be a variety of things–book, movie, tv show, comic book, graphic novel, etc.

Kids books. YA books. Adult books. All count.

What about series books? Or series books in all-in-one editions? I’m leaving it up to you.

What about short stories or poetry? Yes and yes. Anything really can go.

What about rereads? Sure why not!

Sign up here for the 2009-2010 Arthurian Challenge:

To view the list of participants:

To share your review:

To read participants reviews:

Don’t know where to begin? Here are some links that might help. To view last years' reviews click here.

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Ana S. said...

Becky, Becky, the things you make me do :P

Seriously, I'm glad you're hosting again. I read enough book to officially complete it this time, but didn't go through the whole list I had lined up. I love how flexible you're making it! I think that rather than make a new list, I'll just see where my reading whims will take me.

Debi said...

Okay, whole new realm for me, and I'm quite excited to give this a go, but I'm also quite clueless, so it might take me a while to put together some choices, but I know you'll forgive me, because you're simply a sweetheart. And that's quite the run-on, huh?

mariel said...

Yay! I'll try to do better this time!

Becky said...

Welcome to everyone who's joined the challenge

Robin said...

I didn't sign up for this last year and kept kicking myself for not doing it. So, here I am, and hopefully I filled out the form correctly, 'cause I'm IN!

Anonymous said...

BECKY YOU TEMPTRESS. I totally signed up for this.

(ilu! <3)

Anonymous said...

Like Nymeth I finished the challenge last time but didn't have time to read everything on my list so will carry them over to this one and hopefully add some more along the way if I have time. Looking forward to another round.

Penny said...

I thought I had signed up for this one already, but I must have thought about it one pre-coffee morning, and the wires got crossed or something. Anyways, I'm in now!

Penny said...

Okay, I'm really losing it. I thought I had blogged about this challenge already, but apparently not. I have it now, though! It's at:

Kate W. said...

Hi Becky:
Wow! This site will blow my students' minds! I teach a college course on fairy tales. I am constantly looking for blogs that will add to their experiences as thinkers and writers. Yours definitely will!
By the way, how do I get the Arthurian Challenge button for my blog? My blog is diamondsandtoads.com

Becky said...

You can 'save image as', download it to your computer, and upload it to your blog directly. The direct link to it (hosted by photobucket) is:


Vanessa Book ♥ Soulmates said...

How exciting!! I'm definitely signing up for this!!!

Vanessa of Book ♥ Soulmates

Amy said...

I'm signing up late but I love this idea!

Unknown said...

I'm excited to have finished the challenge!

Thanks for hosting.