Monday, March 02, 2009

Book Giveaway: Dolphins and Oceans, Oh my!

Sponsored by Silver Dolphin, I'm happy to host a giveaway this week as part of the Book Giveaway Carnival (March 2-8). Giveaway is restricted to the U.S. only.

One winner will receive two books. Which two books...

Uncover A Dolphin: The Inside Story On the Ocean's Smartest Animal by David George Gordon. From the publisher: "Did you know that dolphins drink milk? Or that some scientists believe dolphin’s ancestors once walked on land? Today, there are 37 different kinds of dolphins, from the familiar bottlenose to some rare river-dwellers. Uncover the secrets of dynamic dolphins, layer by layer in this unique book. Kids can plunge into weird and wild facts, cool illustrations, diagrams and an amazing 3-D layered model of a bottlenose dolphin."

You really have to see this book to believe how cool it is.

A Kaleidopops Book: Oceans

From the publisher: "Wow, talk about making a splash! Oceans takes kids deep beneath the waves where they can explore ocean life in all of its glorious color. From giant squids that can glow in the dark to the rainbow of colors cast by tropical reefs, readers will learn how color plays an important role for hunting, attracting mates and hiding from predators. Lenticular pop-ups literally leap off the pages and shimmer in the light, bringing the ocean to life in a truly spectacular fashion. These pop-up surprises are enhanced by fascinating facts that are sure to make every reader want to become a marine biologist."

How to enter:

1) For one entry, just leave a comment on the post which includes your name and email address. (If and only if your email is linked on your profile page may you leave that bit off. But if I can't find an email address on your comment, profile, or blog then I won't be able to contact you if you should win.)

2) For an extra entry, leave ANOTHER comment. This time I want you to visit the Silver Dolphin website...explore what kinds of books they publish and leave a comment telling me about a book that interests you.

The contest is open today (March 2, 2009) through Sunday, March 8th at noon. I'll be drawing a winner that afternoon.

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Julie P. 12:11 PM  

Count me in. My kids would love these books!


Deb 12:22 PM  

Excellent looking books! We love dolphins and the ocean :)


Deb 12:23 PM  

Stopped over to the Silver Dolphin website. Lots of great looking books to choose from, but my favorite would be the Fine Art Studio Drawing for the budding artist in my house ;)

Brenda 12:30 PM  

My daughter would love to her her hands on a book like this :)
thanks so much
have a great week

Brenda 12:31 PM  

the entire "uncover-it series" looks interesting... from dogs to tarantulas :)
would also like the 101 things to do with googly eyes

Chantele 12:36 PM  

My kids would LOVE these!


Rue 12:46 PM  

Thanks for the chance to win!
ruthann (dot) francis (at) gmail (dot) com

Rue 12:47 PM  

The Journal of Inventions: Leonardo da Vinci book looks amazing. I'm an engineer by both training and temperment and have always been fascinated by da Vinci and pop-up books. To put them both together is like geek paradise. :)

ruthann (dot) francis (at) gmail (dot) com

mindy 1:19 PM  

sounds terrific thanks for the giveaway

Zibilee 2:57 PM  

Please enter me in the contest.Thanks!

Zibilee 2:59 PM  

I also visited the site and if I could chose any of the books offered there, I would be interested in the 3-D Rainforest book.

Shelley 3:11 PM  

The artwork on the covers looks beautiful!

saz AT chainreader DOT com

Shelley 3:12 PM  

The pop-up book of Da Vinci inventions looked pretty cool.

paula h 3:12 PM  

My email is on my profile but I'll add it to make things easier :)


paula h 3:13 PM  

I think the Totally Bugs book would be fun for my kids.

Booklogged 4:57 PM  

My grandkids love coming to my house to have me read to them or to sit at look at books. We would really enjoy these two.

Booklogged 5:02 PM  

Just visited the website. I was surprised to see several titles I already own. Of course, there are many, many more that I want to buy. I especially like the uncover books.

okbarbie5 5:10 PM  

My grandson would love this!! Thanks so much!!

PopinFresh 6:07 PM  

My cousins would love this and I would as well :D Please enter me in this giveaway.


~ Popin

MJ 6:09 PM  

I teach kindergarten. I'd love to have these!

MJ 6:09 PM  

I'd love Happy Snappy Easter Egg Hunt by Derek Matthews.

Angie 6:16 PM  

As we are in the middle of animal research mania at school I can attest to the love kids have for dolphins (and animals and non-fiction)!

Angie 6:21 PM  

So I didn't recognize the publisher Silver Dolphin right off ... but after looking at some of the books in their catalog I realized I was familiar with a few titles. Super cool ... the kinds of things kids love. The Journal of Inventions: Leonardo da Vinci jumps out at me right now but I'd bet if I come back to the site in a couple of days something else will grab my attention. They look like really interactive books. Which is cool.

Susan 7:14 PM  

Oh, my granddaughter would really love these. Thanks!

Angela C 7:38 PM  

Beautiful fun cover! Thanks for the giveaway:)

liane66 7:50 PM  

Thanks for the giveaway!

EllyBean 9:43 PM  

I plan on homeschooling my children and this book would be a great addition to our home school library!

photoquest 10:27 PM  

i would like to be entered in your contest, we are real ocean people, love everything about it!

photoquest 10:28 PM  

went over to their sight and saw a book the human body guide that sounds very interesting my daughter would love this book since she wants to be a doctor oneday.

Kristen M. 10:40 PM  

Z would love these books! We're in!

Kristi 11:40 PM  

My son would love these! Please enter me in the contest.

kherbrand at comcast dot net

Kristi 11:41 PM  

The first thing I saw on their website was the 3-D books - but then I kept going on saw the Kaleidopops (sp?) - My little boy love those pop up books!

kherbrand at comcast dot net

eyeslikesugar 12:08 AM  

What wonderful books! Thank you for offering this giveaway! eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com.

eyeslikesugar 12:09 AM  

The 'Journal of Inventions: Leonardo da Vinci' book looks excellent! I love educational books that talk about brilliant people throughout history. Thank you for offering this giveaway! eyeslikesugar [at] gmail [dot] com.

Lori 7:27 AM  

my son loves fish, he would love the ocean book

Speed Reader 8:18 AM  

Those look like great books! I love the uncover it series as well!

Stacie 10:03 AM  

My daughter loves dolphins!

Marie 11:32 AM  

My kids would love these books!

YZgirl4 11:39 AM  


YZgirl4 11:41 AM  

My daughter Would love the Moing Windows Old McDonald book from their site...thanks


Syd 2:31 PM  

I'll sign up because I'm a marine scientist and the books could go into our library here at the Marine Institute.

oona. 3:02 PM  

My daughter would be thrilled to win these books. Her favorite topics are nature and animals!

Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

Cynda Western Felini 3:10 PM  

Enter me!! These look great!

Cynda Western Felini 3:12 PM  

I love their baby board books, but the one about Davinci looks very interesting too.

I know you didn't ask, but I blogged too. Just FYI!

samsakara 4:50 PM  

I would love the books for my kids.

Alyce 4:52 PM  

I would love to be entered!
akreese (at) hotmail (dot) com

Alyce 4:53 PM  

The Journal of Inventions: Leonardo da Vinci looks awesome!

akreese (at) hotmail (dot) com

Valerie,  6:55 PM  

look wonderful
KawaiiNeko2008 (at) aol (dot) com

Penny (aka Yooperchick) 8:31 PM  

These books look fantastic! Thank you for offering up such great books as prizes!


cpullum 8:39 PM  

I would love to be entered! love the Ocean! Count my family in!

demmi 8:52 PM  

this sounds like a interesting book I would love to win con5459(at)gmail(dot)com

MD 10:35 PM  

My family would love this book!

toohotforturtle 5:40 AM  

We are raising water babies who would love these books

Carol 1:28 PM  

These books for be great for my grandsons!
Carol M
mittens0831 AT

Carol 1:28 PM  

These books for be great for my grandsons!
Carol M
mittens0831 AT

Carol 1:28 PM  

These books for be great for my grandsons!
Carol M
mittens0831 AT

Carol 1:29 PM  

oops, sorry!
Carol M

Carol 1:31 PM  

Journal of Inventions: Leonardo da Vinci looks good. My grandsons would love it. I have seven grandchildren and I'm always looking for books that they would like.
Carol M
mittens0831 AT

rachel0 1:41 PM  

Sign me up please--my sons love ocean-related books and animal related books so these are perfect!
belligator (at) yahoo (dot) com

rachel0 1:44 PM  

The sea creatures sticker activity book looks like it would be a hit at home. Great books!
THanks for hosting the giveaway!
belligator )at) yahoo (dot) com

gahome2mom 6:46 PM  

Thanks for the chance to win! My children would love this!

Boo Bear's Place 7:08 PM  

would love to win i love dolphins or anything that has to do with the ocean

ezziriah (at)gmail(dot)com

Boo Bear's Place 7:10 PM  

i love the amazing baby books my little one would like them

bohemiangypsy 8:42 PM  

Our nephew and daughter would love these books. We really love all wildlife and fish. Thank you for the nice giveaway.

Jinxy and Me 9:12 PM  

Nice book. Thanks for the giveaway!

allisonmariecat 9:59 AM  

My daughter loves going to the aquarium, and she loves books with animals, so these would be great!

allisonmariecat 10:00 AM  

The Nature Trails series is great. My daughter loves animal books!

Silver Dolphin 4:00 PM  

Hi Becky:
Thank you for the great review and thanks to all of you who have entered the giveaway. I wish you all the best of luck.
Silver Dolphin (Mana)

JamericanSpice 4:39 PM  

Wow. I'd definitely love to win this

Debs Desk 6:29 PM  

Please include me in your giveaway.

Jennifer 6:31 PM  

I have four year old twins that would absolutely love these! Thanks so much!

kairilily at yahoo dot com

judyv12306 7:41 PM  

As a home school of 5, I would love to have this book.

Tif 8:14 PM  

Count me in! My son would love these books!

tiftalksbooks at gmail dot com

Tif 8:24 PM  

I think that those Explore Within books look amazing!!! Oh, and also the other Uncover books are pretty cool too!

tiftalksbooks at gmail dot com

I've also added this giveaway to my blog!! Here's the link FYI . . .

Nicole 9:59 PM  

What a neat book. My daughter would love this.

Anonymous,  1:37 AM  

My kids would enjoy these books. Thanks.
-Terra H.

Molly C. 5:43 AM  

I would love to win these for my kids.

Pam 8:14 AM  

I love books that are fun yet still educational. Thanks!

Pam 8:14 AM  

I think the History in Action Medieval Castle book looks really nice. Something my little boy would love!!

Pat,  9:56 AM  

These books look fabulous!
pkildow at gmail dot com

Pat,  9:58 AM  

I like Uncover the Human Body.
pkildow at gmail dot com

Bcteagirl 6:14 PM  

I bet these books would be great to teach with! Thanks!

Bcteagirl 6:15 PM  

The 3-D rain forest book also sounds great!

caseykelp 6:21 PM  

These books look great and would be a great gift for my niece and nephew for when they get back from the beach and Sea World. Thank you for the giveaway.

caseykelp 6:26 PM  

They all look good, if I had to choose it would be To Catch a Thief or Uncover the Human Body.

Qwill 10:52 AM  

The models masters: Dragons books looks awesome.

Meaghan F. 12:32 PM  

My nieces would love these!

Meaghan F. 12:32 PM  

My nieces would love these!

Candie 3:03 PM  

Wow. I know a group of kids that would love these books. Thank you.


Candie 3:05 PM  

The Crime Lab: Catch the Spy sounds fun. Thank you.


Christy 7:55 PM  

My children would love these books. My daughter loves animals and these would be fantastic. Thanks for the chance to win.

Daniel M,  9:19 PM  

look like 2 amazing books, thanks for having the giveaway! - regnod(at)yahoo(d0t)com

live42day 1:12 AM  

These books would be something my son would love. Thanks for the chance to enter!

masonsgranny59 6:18 AM  

ty 4 the awesome book giveaway and 4 the entry:)

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