Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Salon: Reading, Read, To Read #21

Happy Sunday everyone! I am having a hard time believing that May is almost over. I've been in denial, I guess. You see, I've definitely over committed myself for the month of June. Gulp. I don't know how I'm going to manage actually. I've got nine blog tours--not all at Becky's Book Reviews--but still. In addition to the blog tours, I've got several book challenges ending in June or on July 1. So I've got commitments there as well. (5 L.M. Montgomery books, for example, for the Second Canadian challenge). Do you prefer to live in denial or do you like having a plan and getting a handle on the chaos?

I am excited for the summer to start, however. My book club will be reading Gone With The Wind. I'd love to have you join me. Just email me at if you want an invite.

Are you planning on reading something special for the summer? I have a long list of books I hope to read. Like, I'd *love* to get to The Stand this summer so I can read it for the It's The End of the World challenge.

What I read in a previous week, but reviewed this week:

When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead. 2009. Random House. 208 pages. (MG)
Dragon Spear by Jessica Day George. 2009. Bloomsbury. 248 pages. (MG, YA)
Radiant Darkness by Emily Whitman. 2009. HarperCollins. 274 pages (MG, YA)
Morbito Guardian of the Spirit by Nahoko Uehashi. 1996/2008. Translated into English by Cathy Hirano. Scholastic Books. 248 pages. (MG, YA)
The Silenced. James DeVita. 2007. HarperCollins. 502 pages. (YA)
The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff. 2008. Random House. 514 pages. (Adult)

What I read this past week and reviewed:

Do You Want A Friend? by Noel Piper. 2009. Crossway. (Picture Book)
Princess Pig. Eileen Spinelli. Illustrated by Tim Bowers. 2009. Knopf (Random House) (Picture Book)
Bow-Wow's Colorful Life. Mark Newgarden & Megan Montague Cash. 2009. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. (Board book)
Bow-Wow 12 Months Running. Mark Newgarden & Megan Montague Cash. 2009. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. (Board book)
My Mother Is Mine by Marion Dane Bauer. Little Simon (Simon & Schuster) 2009. (Board Book)
Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians. Brandon Sanderson. 2007. Scholastic. 306 pages. (MG)
Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence. 1928. (Adult)

What I read this past week and haven't reviewed yet:

Sprout by Dale Peck. 2009. Bloomsbury. 277 pages.
Say the Word by Jeannine Garsee. 2009. Bloomsbury. 368 pages.
Fat Cat by Robin Brande. 2009. Random House. 336 pages.

What I've read and really really need to review:

Starfinder by John Marco. 2009. Daw Books. 326 pages. (Middle Grade)
The Convenient Marriage. Georgette Heyer. 1934/2009. Sourcebooks. 307 pages. (Adult)
Frederica. Georgette Heyer. 1965/2009. Sourcebooks. 437 pages. (Adult)

What I'm currently reading:

Middlemarch by George Eliot (Adult)
The Talisman Ring by Georgette Heyer (Adult)
The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein (Adult)
Evermore by Alyson Noel (YA)

What I'm just fooling around that I'm reading:

The Dragon of Trelian by Michelle Knudsen (*Hangs head in shame* I've got this one on for a blog tour in the first week of June. I'm barely into it. And it's just not grabbing me. At least not yet. Bother, bother.)
The House in Grosvenor Square by Linore Rose Burkard (Adult) (Haven't touched it this week)
Circle of Friends Book #1: Lori by L. Diane Wolfe (Young Adult/ Adult) (I read two more chapters in this one the past week. But I'm only getting to it once or twice a week.)
Barchester Tower by Anthony Trollope (Adult) (I really wanted to get to this one. But it's been a week, and I think I've only read one chapter in that time.)
Leonardo's Shadow by Christopher Grey (Middle Grade) (Only read one chapter--and that was last Saturday. I just haven't gotten back to it.)
Mind-Rain: Your Favorite Authors On Scott Westerfeld's Uglies Series. Edited by Scott Westerfeld. (Young Adult) (Still have two or three essays left. So I'm almost done with it. But not quite.)

What I've abandoned:

Heroes of the Valley by Jonathan Stroud (It was a library book. It wasn't grabbing me. I was about a hundred pages in. And the characters just weren't care-worthy.)

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Lenore Appelhans said...

9 blog tours?! I feel overcommited when I have 2 in a month. Good luck!!

Frances said...

I prefer to revel in the chaos. Too much of a plan makes me chafe. Anything is possible - even nine book tours. You can absolutely do this, and will feel great as you finish and don your Wonder Woman belt!