Privacy Policy

On May 25, 2018, a new law begins. It is called the General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. This law has to do with handling personal data with respect and privacy.

I do use an https:// address.

I offer an email subscription of my posts using FeedBlitz. You may choose to subscribe by providing your name/email address. I believe a confirmation email is now sent to confirm your subscription. (This may not have been the case in the early days of the service.) You may UNSUBSCRIBE at any time from the service by following the directions on the email. I use the FREE plan of Feedblitz, so there will be ads. I do not profit from those ads. I have no control over the content of those ads.

I currently use a free (and very limited) version of stat counter. The information that I see is how many visitors the blog gets per day, per week. This information is emailed weekly. Because I’m exceeding my “free” data limit, ALL information gets deleted within a week according to the site. Only the past five days are kept at any time. I do not personally have access to most of the data because I am using the free plan.

Comments. I do not require a name or an email address to comment on the blog. You may choose to comment while logged into an account, but it is by no means a requirement. If you decide to delete a comment you’ve left, I believe you can do that yourself. IF not, you may email me and I will look into deleting it for you.

Google followers. I do have this gadget on my sidebar. You may choose to follow the blog this way; it is completely optional. I believe there is even a way to follow anonymously. You may choose to unfollow at any time. You can click 'unfollow' while on this blog. Or there is a way to unfollow by going to your blogger dashboard's 'reading list' and editing the blogs you follow. (Clicking the pencil.) You can change to 'anonymous' or unfollow for the blogs on your list.

I do not host giveaways. I will not ask for your name or email for any contest or giveaway. So I will certainly not be storing it.

The blog does not publish automatically to any social media. I sometimes do share my posts on Facebook. But I do that manually.

I do link to other sites. Other sites may or may collect data. I am not responsible for anything you do on other sites.

I use Blogger powered by Google to blog. I have no interaction/control over what information or cookies they may be collecting when you visit the site.

Here is Google’s new privacy policy:

I believe most if not all sites or pages on the internet use cookies in some way.  I know nothing about cookies. If you want to learn more:
Visiting this site is optional after all.