Thursday, October 12, 2017

2018 Share-a-Tea Reading Challenge

Host: Becky's Book Reviews (sign up here)
Duration: January - December 2018
# of books: minimum of 2

Love drinking tea? Love reading books? Love reading a book while drinking tea? Have I got a reading challenge for you! In 2018, I'll be hosting the Share-a-Tea Reading Challenge again.

Who can join? Anyone who enjoys reading. You don't need to have a blog. You don't need to have a twitter account.

Are coffee drinkers welcome? Well. You can still join in, I suppose. But you might be outnumbered by tea drinkers.

Which books count towards the challenge? Any book that you primarily read while drinking tea. Not every single page needs to have been read while drinking tea. (I'm not that strict!!!) But this challenge is all about celebrating SLOWING DOWN and SAVORING the moments.

How many books? Is there a set minimum? This challenge is about QUALITY and not quantity. It's not about reading fifty books or even twelve books. This is an anti-rush reading challenge. Enjoy where you are in a book, and, engage fully in it. Live in the book.

This challenge has a focus on SHARING. How can you share? Several ways:

1) When you sign up in a comment below, share one favorite tea and one favorite book. And if you've got one handy: a favorite quote.
2) If you write a post on your blog announcing the challenge (and making a place to keep track of what you've read), consider sharing a bit about yourself--your reading and drinking habits. You might consider a longer list of recommendations!
3) If you're on twitter, tweet me as often as you like. @blbooks OR @operationbible Tweet about favorite teas, favorite books, favorite authors, favorite quotes, what you're currently reading, what you've just finished reading, etc.
4) Consider adding me and fellow participants to your blogroll, and cheer on other participants by reading reviews and leaving comments.
5) At the end of each month, I'll publish a check-in post. You can leave comments sharing what you're reading, what you've read, tea recommendations, etc. Even if you haven't finished a book, you can share where you're at. Remember, it isn't about how many books you read per month!

Be aware that comment moderation is turned on. So if you sign up for the challenge, and don't see your comment published, it just means I haven't published it...yet. But I will.

Do ask questions if you have them. I'll do my best to answer them.

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ErinPaperbackstash said...

I am going to join in again, making post now. It slipped my mind in 2017 unfortunately so I will always try again =)

Unknown said...

I think I'll join in on this this year! I'm writing my blog post later and will link to here then.
Favourite book = tough question. Probably Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice
Favourite tea = either Earl Grey or Ice Wine (black tea)
Quotation = (Not from P & P, though): You're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

Jemahl said...

My favorite winter tea is Cranberry Creme. My favorite book is the one I'm currently reading. "The same kind if different as me". Quote: I hope your rambles have been sweet and your reveries spacious. - Emily Dickension

Dana Huff said...

Hi there! I'm in.

I announced participation in the challenge here: But I usually create a separate page, easily accessible from my main blog site, where I track the challenges as the year goes on.

It's hard to pick a favorite book, but I usually say Wuthering Heights, and coincidentally, my favorite tea is the Brontë Sisters tea from Simpson & Vail's Literary Teas collection. I suppose my favorite quote from the book is the speech in which Catherine declares, "Nellie, I am Heathcliff!"

A Book and a Cup of Tea said...

This was my favorite challenge last year. So, of course I would love to join again this year. Here is my sign-up post: and here is a link to the page where I will list the books that I read for the challenge: .

I don't have just one favorite book. So, I'll share my most recent favorite book which was The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins - a classic that I never really heard much about. I don't just have one favorite tea either. So, I'll share one of my new favorites which is Masala Chai from Adagio Teas. It is very warming during these very cold winter days.

Thanks so much for hosting this challenge again, Becky!

Kristi said...

Count me in for this one. I am a morning Coffee drinker and an evening tea drinker - with my current favorite coffee being White Chocolate Mocha and my current favorite tea being Vanilla. I don't really have a favorite book - as I am usually passionate about whatever book I am reading at the time! I will be keeping track of my books/teas here -

I got a variety box of teas from my daughter for Christmas so will have many flavors to choose from!

wcs53 said...

I really like the idea of this challenge, so count me in. I used to be a heavy coffee drinker, but now I can only handle decaf. Now I prefer drinking lots of tea. I love to read as well, so this challenge is ideal.

My favourite book is 'The Hobbit' by JRR Tolkien.
One of my favourite teas is Suki Tea's Belfast Brew. I'm also a big fan of Dragonfly Tea's Green Jasmine tea.
My favourite author is CS Lewis and the quote on the picture for this challenge is also one of my favourites.

My blog page for this challenge can be found here:

I'm looking forward to seeing how this challenge goes.

Edith LaGraziana said...

Hello Becky! What a nice challenge, especially because I decided to slow down my book reviewing pace after five years of blogging...

I included your challenge in the collective sign-up post for all my reading challenges of 2018, but it's on top of the list ;-). Here's the link:

I hope that we'll all have a nice time reading and having a nice cup of tea. I'm looking forward to seeing which books the others will read.

tobe.buffenbarger said...

This sounds like such a fun reading challenge. My favorite tea is any type of chai, but I also love Earl Grey.

Claire Frances said...

I'm late to the party but I will join in. My favourite tea is just regular tea with milk, no sugar and I drink tea often and in big cups. And of course tea is best paired with a book. My favourite book is probably Bram Stokers Dracula. My favourite bookish/tea quote is actually the one you shared above as there really is never a book long enough or a tea big enough to satisfy my insatiable appetite.

Unknown said...

I adore reading. It is a great passion of mine. My favorite book is Persuasion by Jane Austen.

I love the following quote by Captain Wentworth.
“You pierce my soul. I am half agony, half hope...I have loved none but you.”

My other great passion is drinking loose leaf tea. My favorite tea changes each season. However, the tea I drink when reading Jane Austen is Jasmine Dragon Pearls.

Unknown said...

Every time I read Persuasion I love it more and more. It almost - ALMOST - knocks P & P as my favourite... but not quite.

Becky said...

Krysta, I love Persuasion too. I think I love it a tiny bit more than Pride and Prejudice. I just finished reading Jane Austen at Home, it's a great book!