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2020 Reading Challenges: History Nonfiction

History Nonfiction Reading Challenge
Host: Hibernator's Library (sign up post)
From the host: I will post a linky on the first day of every month so you can include any nonfiction history books you’re reading. The rules are not strict – if you consider the book to be history, then go ahead and post it.
Duration: December 1, 2019 - December 31, 2020
# of books: host doesn't specify; my aim is 52.

1.  On the Horizon. Lois Lowry. Illustrated by Kenard Pak. [April 2020] HMH. 80 pages. [Source: Review copy] [Autobiography; Biography; Children's Nonfiction; World War II; poetry]
2. We Had to Be Brave: Escaping the Nazis on the Kindertransport. 2020. 368 pages. [Source: Library] [nonfiction; world war II; world at war]
3. An American Plague: The True and Terrifying Story of the Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793. Jim Murphy. 2003. 165 pages. [Source: Library] [nonfiction, mg nonfiction; history]
4. Anna Komnene and the Alexiad: The Byzantine Princess and the First Crusade. 2020. [July] Pen and Sword. 272 pages. [Source: Review copy] [nonfiction]
5. Jeannie's Demise: Abortion on Trial in Victorian Ontario. Ian Radforth. 2020. [October] 258 pages. [Source: Review copy] [adult nonfiction; history]
6. The Taste of Longing: Ethel Mulvany and Her Starving Prisoners of War Cookbook. Suzanne Evans. 2020. Between the Lines. 306 pages. [Source: Review copy] [nonfiction; World War II; mental illness]
7. Letters from the Few: Unique Memories from the Battle of Britain. Dilip Sarkar. 2020. [November 2020] 272 pages. [Source: Review copy]

 My goal is to get caught up (or better caught up) on my nonfiction review copies. The list so of December 11, 2019. It has 77 titles 76 titles. 80 titles.

Operation ChowhoundDando-Collins, Stephen
RestorationLarman, Alexander
How the Post Office Created AmericaGallagher, Winifred
The Big ChangeAllen, Frederick Lewis
The GamesGoldbatt, David
Victoria: The QueenBaird, Julia
The Memoirs of Count BoruwlaskiBoruwlaski, Joseph
FireballMatzen, Robert
The Book ThievesRydell, Anders
Red FireChao, Wei Yang
Ice GhostsWatson, Paul
The Court of Last ResortGardner, Erle Stanley
The Road to JonestownGuinn, Jeff
The ZooCharman, Isobel
An English Governess in the Great Warde Schaepdrijve, Sophie
The Radium GirlsMoore, Kate
Baking Powder WarsCivitello, Linda
Eight is EnoughBraden, Tom
The Young VictoriaPlowden, Alison
The Heir of Douglasde la Torre, Lillian
Elizabeth is Missingde la Torre, Lillian
A Visitor's Guide to Georgian EnglandHall, Monica
Alexander Hamilton's RevolutionTucker, Phillip Thomas
The Burning TimeRoundling, Virginia
Queens of Georgian BritainCurzon, Catherine
Dickens and ChristmasHawksley, Lucinda
Sinking the SultanaWalker, Sally M.
Agatha ChristieThompson, Laura
Margaret TudorClegg, Melanie
Murder by the BookHarman, Claire
Murder AboardHiam, C. Michael
Ronnie and Hilda's RomanceWilliams, Wendy
Chasing the MoonStone, Robert and Alan Andres
Battle of Britain BroadcasterGardner, Robert MBE
Following in the Footsteps of Henry TudorCarradice, Phil
Operation SwallowFelton, Mark
A History of Women's Lives on the Isle of WightPlant, Daisy
Neville Chamberlain's LegacyMilton, Nicholas
Stephen and Matilda's WarLewis, Matthew
Solid StateWomack, Kenneth
Freedom LibrariesSelby, Mike
The Queens of AnimationHolt, Nathalia
Admiral Albert Hastings MarkhamJastrzembski, Frank
Charles II and His EscapeBeardsley, Martyn R
My LIfe in a Cat HouseCooper, Gwen
Ian Fleming and SOE's Operation PostmasterLett, Brian
The Ship of DreamsRussell, Gareth
There's Something About DarcyMalcom, Gabrielle
The Mutual Admiration SocietyMoulton, Mo
The Zookeeper's WarMohnhaupt, J.W.
Nancy WakeBraddon, Russell
Trailblazing GeorgiansRendell, Mike
HolocaustWynn, Stephen
Sir Francis BryanWatkins, Sarah-Beth
The Lost QueenStott, Anne
FootnotesFiennes, Peter
The Life and Letters of Emma HamiltonTours, Hugh
The Splendid and the VileLarson, Erik
Bubble in the SunKnowlton, Christopher
The Clutter-Free HomeLipp, Kathi
The Sum of the PeopleWhitby, Andrew
War FeverRoberts Randy and John Smith
Genealogy for BeginnersPennavaria, Katherine
Fighting WordsCott, Nancy F.
The Women with silver WingsLanddeck, Katherine Sharp
Black EarthSnyder, Timothy
Lost at Sea Found at FukushimaMillar, Andy
Edward VIIArnold, Catherine
The Story of Classic Crime in 100 BooksEdwards, Martin
Victoria and AbdulBasu, Shrabani
Life on the Victorian StageDarby, Nell
The Bronte SistersRayner, Catherine
Lightning SkyGeorge, R.C.

The Cabinet of Linguistic CuriositiesJones, Paul Anthony
Hollywood's Dark HistoryMacNabb, Matt
A Bookshop in BerlinFrenkel, Francoise
The Imprisoned PrincessCurzon, Catherine

Square HauntingWade, Francesca
Entertaining the TroopsWalden, Kiri Bloom
Secret Casualties of World War IIWebb, Simon
Napoleon's DownfallWalton, Geri

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