Thursday, December 19, 2019

Snowflakes at the Little Christmas Tree Farm

Snowflakes at the Little Christmas Tree Farm. Jaimie Admans. 2019. 384 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: I am never drinking again. Please tell me that pounding, throbbing sound is not coming from inside my own head. I peel one eye open and severely consider not bothering to open the other one. I’m slumped on the living room floor and propped upright by the coffee table, with my face smooshed against the keyboard of my open laptop.

Premise/plot: Love Hallmark-esque Christmas movies? Admans' Snowflakes at the Little Christmas Tree Farm may prove the perfect match for you. Leah, the heroine, buys a CHRISTMAS TREE FARM (sight unseen) in Scotland with her inheritance. She is hoping that her parents' would have approved and that this will be a true new-beginning for her. (Things haven't been all that great lately...most recently having been humiliated in "love.") The farm, well, is so far from what she imagined that there are no words. Fortunately, her nearest neighbor, Noel, is JUST what her best friend, Chelsea, imagined. HOT, HOT, AND DID I SAY HOT?! He proves more than willing to help her out, once he sees that she sincerely wants to make a go of it. Will they fall in love in the weeks leading up to the holiday season?

My thoughts: I ADORED this one. I didn't love, love, love every little thing about this one. The language in describing her ex--and WHY they "broke up"--is a bit graphic for my liking. But I loved the chemistry between Leah and Noel from start to finish. It had one super-predictable, obligatory CONFLICT that I found myself rolling my eyes over. Why do romance novels need OBSTACLES in the first place? But this one had a series of lovely scenes, a sprinkling of charming characters, and a general CHARM to it that left me grinning. I almost forgot to mention THE DOG.

Is it clean? Is it smutty? As I said earlier, the descriptions with the ex are a bit much (and they happen near the start of the book) are a bit much--for my liking. Remember SUBJECTIVE taste. But Leah and Noel's romance is neither squeaky clean nor out-and-out smut. Mostly kissing, plenty of descriptive kissing. (You know there has to be a mistletoe scene or two involved, right?!) But nothing beyond that is graphically described. 

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you on the conflicts/obstacles in a romance. They are NOT necessary!!

Lark said...

I'm always drawn to books set in Scotland! :D

Sara James said...

Beta-readers are indeed extremely important in your process. They will catch mistakes even you or a proofreader didn’t catch, and give amazing tips on how to develop further your story. I used to get a few reviews and also promote my book. Hopping to be in the top 100 genre lists and see better sales this Christmas season…