Monday, December 16, 2019

The Golden Tresses of the Dead

The Golden Tresses of the Dead (Flavia de Luce #10) Alan Bradley. 2019. 352 pages. [Source: Review copy]

First sentence: I’d like to remark at the outset that I’m a girl with better than average brain.

Premise/plot: Flavia de Luce, child-detective, is starring in her tenth mystery. In this one her older sister, Ophelia “Feely” is getting married. Her wedding goes well. The reception less so! A severed finger is found in the wedding cake giving the bride quite a shock. The guests remain mainly unaware of what causes the excitement. Dogger and Flavia—already an official detective team—take up this case privately. But they do take on a professional case. There is a murder to solve in this one along with several side mysteries. There is always something going on in their “quiet” community.

My thoughts: I really love Flavia and Dogger. I am still heartbroken over the father’s death which happened several books ago. I am starting to warm up to Undine. I love revisiting all the characters from the community. We do see Gladys make a few appearances in this one. You wouldn’t think a bicycle could leave a lasting impression. Overall I am still enjoying the series. Perhaps this one is my favorite of the newer mysteries in the series? I don’t know that it would be a favorite favorite from the setting as a whole?

Definitely read these in order and not as a stand-alone.

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Lark said...

I love Flavia, too. (I just haven't read this one yet.)