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World at War: Fing's War

Fing's War. Benny Lindelauf. Translated into English by John Nieuwenhuitzen. 2019. 376 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: One rainy afternoon, I was called to heaven.

Premise/plot: Fing’s War is the sequel to Nine Open Arms by Benny Lindelauf. While the first book focused on the whole family, multiple narrators, the second book is Fing’s story. It is an historical coming of age story set in Holland at the very start of the Second World War. There aren’t many opportunities for young girls in their small town. Domestic work or marriage is the norm. Fing hasn’t really dreamed beyond that until the Sisters at her school offer her a chance for a scholarship at teacher’s college. But her father and grandmother have different plans for her. And the scholarship seems like another word for charity case to suit her grandma. No, Fing is to be hired out as help for the Cigar Emperor and his German wife. Fing, well, what choice does she have?! Enter the Nazi soldiers and the Dutch Blackshirts. The war will change her mind, body, and soul forever. Her whole family as well...

My thoughts: I am so glad I put off reading this one until I was able to read Nine Open Arms. It may claim to be a stand alone novel, but it would be hard going to actually CARE about the characters if you haven’t read the first book. Once that relationship with the family is in place, this one is a compelling read. I could see how this one might be a slow read if you don’t already love this family and appreciate their unique house on the edge of town. I didn’t find it slow. True not all elements were equally compelling. But I could see how Fing might interpret life that way. This one is very much coming of age. So many firsts are touched on throughout the novel. 

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