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Books Read in 2024

Books read and reviewed in 2024 at Becky's Book Reviews


1. Courage to Dream: Tales of Hope in the Holocaust. Neal Shusterman. Illustrated by Andres Vera Martinez. 2023. [October] 256 pages. [Source: Library]

2. Facing the Enemy: How a Nazi Youth Camp in America Tested a Friendship. Barbara Krasner. 2023. [December] 359 pages. [Source: Library]

3. Coretta: The Autobiography of Coretta Scott King. Coretta Scott King. Illustrated by Ekua Holmes. 2024. [January] 40 pages. [Source: Library] [nonfiction picture book, biography, autobiography, children's nonfiction]

4.  Little House in the Big Woods. Laura Ingalls Wilder. 1932. 238 pages. [Source: Bought]

 5. A Bear Called Paddington. Michael Bond. 1958. 159 pages. [Source: Bought] [Children's classic; animal fantasy]

6. Something Rotten. (Horatio Wilkes Mystery #1)  Alan Gratz. 2007. 208 pages. [Source: Library] [YA Mystery; YA Suspense; dysfunctional families; adaptation of William Shakespeare] 

7. Make Way: The Story of Robert McCloskey, Nancy Schön, and Some Very Famous Ducklings. Angela Burke Kunkel. Illustrated by Claire Keane. 2023. 48 pages. [Source: Library] [Picture book for older readers; biography; art appreciation] 

8. Light and Air. Mindy Nichols Wendell. 2024. [January] 218 pages. [Source: Library] [J Historical; MG Historical; 1930s; tuberculosis; coming of age] 

9. The Blood Years. Elana K. Arnold. 2023. 400 pages. [Source: Library] 

10. There Was a Party for Langston. Jason Reynolds. Illustrated by Jerome Pumphrey. 2023. 56 pages. [Source: Library] 

11. Big. Vashti Harrison. 2023. 60 pages. [Source: Library] [picture book] 

12. An Autobiography. Agatha Christie. 1977/1996. Berkley. 635 pages. [Source: Bought] 

13. Elf Dog and Owl Head. M.T. Anderson. Illustrated by Junyi Wu. 2023. 240 pages. [Source: Library] [MG Fiction; MG Fantasy; J Fantasy; J Fiction; Newbery Honor]


14. Mexikid: A Graphic Memoir. Pedro Martin. 2023. 320 pages. [Source: Library] [Nonfiction Graphic Novel; MG Graphic Novel; Newbery Honor]

15. Little House on the Prairie. Laura Ingalls Wilder. 1935. 335 pages. [Source: Bought] [children's classic] 

16. Not Quite a Ghost. Anne Ursu. 2024. [January] 288 pages. [Source: Library] 

17. The Frozen River. Ariel Lawhon. 2023. [December] 432 pages. [Source: Library] [adult historical fiction] 

18. Fighting With Love: The Legacy of John Lewis. Lesa Cline-Ransome. Illustrated by James E. Ransome. 2024. [January] 48 pages. [Source: Library] [nonfiction picture book; picture book biography; civil rights movement] 

19. The Fire, The Water, and Maudie McGinn. Sally J. Pla. 2023. [July] 336 pages. [Source: Library] [J Fiction; J Realistic Fiction; MG Fiction, MG Realistic Fiction; dysfunctional families]

20. Danny Dunn and the Anti-Gravity Paint. (Danny Dunn #1) Jay Williams. Illustrated by Raymond Abrashkin. 1956. 154 pages. [Source: Library] 

21. Making It So. Patrick Stewart. 2023. 469 pages. [Source: Library]

22. Mrs. Quinn's Rise To Fame. Olivia Ford. 2024. 384 pages. [Source: Library] 

23. All-of-A-Kind-Family. Sydney Taylor. 1951. 192 pages. [Source: Library]

24. Nothing Else But Miracles. Kate Albus. 2023. 288 pages. [Source: Library]

25. Heroes. Alan Gratz. 2024. 272 pages. [Source: Library] 

26. Wait! What? The Beatles Couldn't Read Music? Dan Gutman. 2023. 144 pages. [Source: Library]  

27. Who is Nathan Chen? (Who Was? Series) Joseph Liu. 2023. 56 pages. [Source: Library] 

28. What was the Children's Blizzard of 1888? Steve Korte. 2023. [November] 112 pages. [Source: Library] 


29. A Murder in Hollywood: The Untold Story of Tinseltown's Most Shocking Crime. Casey Sherman. 2024. 304 pages. [Source: Library]

30. Everyone On This Train is A Suspect. Benjamin Stevenson. 2023. 335 pages. [Source: Library] 

31. Across So Many Seas. Ruth Behar. 2024. 272 pages. [Source: Library] [interconnected stories; novellas; historical fiction; mg]

32. The Girl Who Sang: A Holocaust Memoir of Hope and Survival. Estelle Nadel. Illustrated by Sammy Savos. 2024. 272 pages. [Source: Library] [graphic novel; graphic memoir; Jewish/Holocaust] 

33. Ferris. Kate DiCamillo. 2024. 240 pages. [Source: Library] [MG Fiction, J Fiction, Realistic, Historical] 

34. You've Been Summoned. Lindsey Lamar. 2024. 376 pages. [Source: Library] [adult mystery, adult fiction] 

35. The Light That Shines Forever: The True Story and Remarkable Rescue of 669 Children on the Eve of World War II. David T. Warner. 2023. 32 pages. [Source: Library] 

36. The Luminous Life of Lucy Landry. Anna Rose Johnson. 2024. 192 pages. [Source: Library] 


37. Uprising. Jennifer A. Nielsen. 2024. 384 pages. [Source: Review copy] [J Historical Fiction; MG Historical Fiction]

38. Snowglobe. (Snowglobe Duology #1) Soyoung Park. Translated by Joungmin Lee Comfort. 2024. 384 pages. [Source: Library] [YA Dystopian; New Adult] 

39. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes. Suzanne Collins. 2020. [May] 439 pages. [Source: Library] 

40. How To Solve Your Own Murder (Castle Knoll Files #1) Kristen Perrin. 2024. 368 pages. [Source: Library] 

41. One Big Open Sky. Lesa Cline-Ransome. 2024. 304 pages. [Source: Library]

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