Tuesday, April 16, 2024

42. Before Nightfall

Before Nightfall. Silvia Vecchini. 2024. 128 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: The sea is all light.

 Premise/plot: Emma loves, loves, loves her brother, Carlo, who is hearing and vision impaired. The two communicate through sign language [though not American sign language]. His one 'good' eye is failing and he will soon undergo a surgery with a chance to save what remains of his vision. The book follows their uncertain yet hopeful story as it unfolds. Emma has met a boy--whose name I can't recall and who isn't 'important' enough to get a mention in any blurb--and he also befriends the family. The story is told in a blend of poetry and prose.

My thoughts: Middle grade realistic fiction. This one is in some ways difficult emotionally because of the content. Yet to avoid it strictly because it might be hard, uncomfortable, or sad doesn't seem fair. (Especially if you're an adult.) Some young readers DO seek out stories that are bittersweet or with the potential for sadness. Life can be unfair, a bit unjust. Real life does not promise tidy tied in a bow happy endings. The love Emma has for her family is so strong and it was lovely to spend time with her.

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