Friday, October 20, 2017

On Reading Challenges

Saw Christine's post on reading challenges, and thought I'd take a look at my own reading challenge.

 She writes, " I love the idea of so many of the challenges, but I struggle with the follow-through. And I'm starting to wonder if participating is actually helping improve my reading life -- which was the whole point to begin with!

So I've decided that needs to be my litmus test of whether or not to re-join a challenge for 2018: has this particular challenge helped my reading life in the past? No matter how worthwhile the goal is, or how interesting the set-up, a reading challenge that hinders my reading life is not serving a worthwhile purpose for me."

Goodreads Challenge: YES. This isn't a no-maintenance reading challenge. You do have to add the books to Goodreads and be sure to add the date you finished it. But essentially, Goodreads does ALL the work. They even tell you how many books you're ahead or behind for the year. Since it's almost a sure bet that I'm on Goodreads at least a couple times a day, this one is an obvious yes.

Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge. MAYBE. I've incorporated the alphabet into my picture book challenge and my middle grade challenge. I don't know if I'll be striving to read the alphabet in christian books in 2018. I've also done this one several years in a row, and you run out of books starting with difficult letters after a while. It may be time to take a break from this one. Maybe.

For this year, I lack the letters J, X, and Z in (Juvenile, MG, YA, Adult) and E, Q, V, and Z in (Christian Fiction and Christian NONfiction).

Back to the Classics. YES. This is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite challenges.

Birth Year Reading Challenge. No. I had good intentions. But this is a lot more challenging than it first appeared.

Blogger Shame Reading Challenge. NO. Again with the good intentions. But it turns out that shame is a HORRIBLE motivator. Or else I'm not really ashamed of anything I read or don't read at any given time!!! Let's go with that for the win.

Charity Reading Challenge. Yes. I love this one. I do. Yes, I'm the host. Yes, I could do a lot better at this one in terms of keeping up with what I've reviewed. But I love it. 

European Reading Challenge. Maybe. This one is super-challenging, and I think luck has just as much to do with whether I get five books read or not. I definitely like seeing what I accidentally read that counts toward the challenge. But I'm horrible at planning ahead for this challenge.

Historical Fiction Reading Challenge. Maybe. Probably. Historical is one of my favorite genres. I can read scores of historical novels in one year. The chances that I'll keep track of them on my post about the challenge? 50/50. The chances that I'll share my links at the host's site? NIL.

Old School Kidlit Reading Challenge. Maybe. Probably not. I love the idea of reading vintage kid books. I adore that aspect of it. I'm HORRIBLE at challenges with monthly themes. It will come down to a couple of things. Is it being offered again in 2018? Will the graphic be just as adorable? Are there monthly themes?

Paris in July. Probably Yes. If it's offered, then I'll probably join again. I rarely read a lot for this challenge. But it can include non-bookish things. 

Picture Book Checklist. Yes. I love picture books. My goal is to read 100+ picture books a year.

RIP. Maybe. If I do it's more for nostalgia than actual interest. This was one of the first reading challenges I joined. And in the first few years, there was a definite sense of community.

Russian Literature. Maybe. I'm not sure it will even be offered again. It was in celebration of an anniversary--1917. But I am thankful I joined this year. I discovered a new favorite author!

Sci-Fi Experience. Yes. Some years I do better than others. But it isn't a challenge, it's an experience.

Share-a-Tea Reading Challenge. YES. I host this one. I love it. I celebrate it each and every day.

Victorian Reading Challenge. Yes. I love, love, love my Victorians ;)

War Bingo. No. I hosted it this year. Didn't even participate in my own challenge. Won't be hosting it again.

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