Wednesday, November 15, 2006

River Secrets

Hale, Shannon. 2006. River Secrets.

Razo, a character first introduced in The Goose Girl and further developed in Enna Burning, is the narrator of Shannon Hale’s third companion novel in the Bayern series. Set several months after the second novel, it begins with discussions of the peace treaty between Bayern and Tira. But can the two countries forget the war so quickly? The two decide to exchange ambassadors in order to further the process. Razo, Enna, Finn, Conrad, and Talone are among those in the Bayern guard protecting Lady Megina in Tira. Risking their lives in the name of peace, they live day by day questioning how long the peace settlement will last as Tiran rebels try to murder them all and drag the nation back into war. Will Lady Dasha, the daughter of Tira’s ambassador, hold the secret to keeping the peace or is she part of the rebellion?

As Razo becomes friends with various Tirans, the reader is led on a mysterious quest. Who is behind all the burned bodies they keep discovering? Who is trying to frame them for murder? And who is so anxious to begin the war again? Can people from these two nations ever learn to trust each other?

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