Sunday, October 05, 2014

Excited about Cybils

Nominations are now for the 2014 Cybils. You may nominate books October 1 through October 15. You can read all about it at the Cybils site: the categories, the current nominations, the guidelines and rules.
I haven't nominated for all the categories myself. There are some categories that I just don't read much: the graphic novels, for example.

If you need ideas for what to nominate in picture books, you can browse through my 2014 posts.

October -- Ten 2014 Picture Books
September -- Nine 2014 Picture Books 
August -- Nine 2014 Picture Books 
July -- Six 2014 Picture Books
June -- Eight 2014 Picture Books
May -- Seven 2014 Picture Books
April -- Five 2014 Picture Books
March -- Five 2014 Picture Books
January -- Four 2014 Picture Books

And for early readers and early chapter books:

Eight 2014 Early Readers (September)
Six 2014 Early Readers (August)

I do try to group books together in terms of publication date because I always keep the next Cybils in mind. Next year, I might even start adding the month of publication.

I am also super-excited that Hope is The Word is hosting the Armchair Cybils Reading Challenge!!!

The categories:
I will not be reading from every category--just most of them. The rules as listed on her post.
  • Read as many or as few of the Cybils nominated titles as you care to and write up your thoughts on your blog.  You can do this on a title-by-title basis or in one big ol’ post–it’s up to you!
  • Come back here on the following dates to link up your Armchair Cybils posts:
    • October 15 — your “I’m participating!” post
    •  November 15–reviews
    •  December 15–reviews
    •  January 1–shortlist thoughts
    •  January 15– reviews and thoughts
    • February 14–reviews and thoughts about the winners

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Ms. Yingling said...

Thanks for the Cybils shout out. I hadn't heard about the Armchair Cybils, but that's a great idea!