Monday, November 27, 2023

184. The Sky Over Rebecca

The Sky Over Rebecca. Matthew Fox. 2022/2023. 256 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: Somebody had made a snow angel in a perfect white snowdrift down by the lake. There was something odd about it. Something about it didn't look right. 

Premise/plot: Kara, our modern-day heroine, finds herself able to interact with the past. She meets Rebecca and her brother, Samuel. They are living in the past--hiding on an island--during the Second World War. Kara wants to help 'save' these new [Jewish] friends, but is there a way to save them from the present? Or is history always going to play out the same way? 

My thoughts: The Sky Over Rebecca was definitely an 'almost' book for me. Almost a textbook case of "almost" for me. There's a supernatural/fantastical element of this one involving time. It is in a roundabout way about World War II and the Holocaust. Yet it was a little too odd--too out there--for me. I am not sure if there was a disconnect with Kara or just so many unanswered questions. 








For example, why Kara? Why is she the one who can see the 'ghosts' of the past--talk to them, hear them, see them, etc. Has Rebecca been in her timeloop for eighty years? Is Kara the first one that Rebecca has successfully communicated with?


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