Saturday, May 12, 2007

Blue Noon

Westerfeld, Scott. 2005. Midnighters 3: Blue Noon.
The five midnighters are in more danger than ever before. The new threat--besides Rex new struggle for his human-half to remain in control--is that blue time is becoming unpredictable. As far as the lore goes back, the blue time has occurred at midnight. It has been the 25th hour of each day. But now, blue time has been coming and going at random. It’s still at midnight. But now it’s showing up during the daylight hours. Like at the pep rally. These strange events are VERY life-threatening not just for the five midnighters but for the whole world. The five discover that the rip separating the darkling world from the ‘real’ world is becoming larger. Soon ‘the blue time’ will be larger than ever before...and humans everywhere will be in danger of being darkling food. Humans will no longer be at the top of the food chain if the darklings have their way. This Halloween will be nothing but ordinary. This is Dooms Day. The team must find a way to stop the darklings before life as they know it is destroyed forever. Can they work together as a team to save the world? How many lives will be lost because they can’t be everywhere at once? How much sacrifice will be required? And who will pay the ultimate price?

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