Monday, May 28, 2007

People of Sparks

DuPrau, Jeanne. 2004. The People of Sparks.
The people of Sparks are about to receive the surprise of their lives when a young boy, Torren, brings word that there people coming. Not just a few people coming--but a LOT of people coming. A little over 400 people. To the post-Disaster community of Sparks, who numbers only 300, it is overwhelming news. How can they turn their backs on fellow human beings--even if they did come up from a hole in the ground? Yet, how can they support an additional 400 mouths to feed? Where will they house them? Where will they feed them? Are they even capable of learning how to take care of themselves? They seemed awfully ignorant. They seemed surprised that the sky was blue. They didn’t know was a tree was. They didn’t know what chickens were. Or eggs. And they were scared of fire. What kind of strange people are they? Will they ever be able to get along with such strange folks?
Lina and Doon’s story continues in THE PEOPLE OF SPARKS. Can these two children work together with the community of Sparks to create a lasting peace? Or is war inevitable?

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