Sunday, April 05, 2009

The Un-birthday birthday post

Fizzythoughts is asking bloggers to share memories of birthdays past. And since this is a mini-challenge for Dewey's reading challenge, then I'm happy to share a few. Even if they aren't all that thrilling.

My birthday is in late November--the 29th to be exact. As a kid, I had somewhat happy birthdays. Mostly. Nice to get a toy before Christmas. :) And some of my favorite toys were birthday presents.

Even though I never had proper birthday parties, birthdays felt special. (It depends on how you define birthday party. The immediate family (mom, dad, sister, me) + 2 grandparents. Does this equal a proper proper birthday party? Growing up, I'm not so sure it did. But now, well, what wouldn't I give...) I don't know if this perspective came from a certain innocence or what. I remember getting ten or twenty bucks and thinking I was rich. More money than I knew what to do with!

(Part of me wonders how much is nostalgia now and how much is actually genuine. Did I appreciate anything about my life then really? Or did I take it all for granted?)

Most of my birthdays have been melancholy at best. Especially my birthdays as an adult. I'll preface it by saying that my birthday parties--which can be anywhere within a two week period before or after the actual birthday--are usually good. Fun. Pleasant. Good. But the actual day itself...
It's not that I have high expectations--I don't expect expensive presents, royal treatment, a big production. I just ask that I don't feel like crap and that people in my family actually remember. It would be nice if no big arguments happen either. Is that too much to ask? Of course allergies and migraines have a mind of their own...not to mention nasty little things like the flu. But the other stuff. Well, with effort, it should be possible, right? Not that I'm bitter. Okay, I'm slightly bitter. I'm not perfect.
It's just that being an adult is different and bittersweet. I'm not trying to be all-Eeyore. I'm not. I'm trying to think if there's been a good birthday in the past eight or nine years and I'm coming up with a big blank.

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Ana S. said...

I have very similar feelings about my birthday, and from what you said it sounds like some of our reasons are similar too. You didn't sound all-Eeyore, but even if you had, we're allowed from time to time, right?

Anonymous said...

Awwww...birthdays do seem to lose their charm as we get older. Unfortunately.

Kacie said...

My birthday is Nov. 28th - and I actually know two people that share it. What's up with the Nov. influx of babies?

My birthday hits on Thanksgiving some years, which I think is fun because the whole family is gathered for it.