Monday, November 21, 2011

The Two Towers

The Two Towers. J.R.R. Tolkien. 1954/1965. Houghton Mifflin. 352 pages.

Aragorn sped on up the hill. 

I must admit that The Two Towers is my favorite of the Lord of the Rings movies. I just love it so very much!!! Taking a chance on a sequel to a movie that I didn't much care for--at least the first time through--was definitely worth it! For in discovering The Two Towers, I discovered a great series. The Two Towers made me come to appreciate--really appreciate--the first one all the more.

So the fellowship has been broken, and here is where all the action begins! Or so it seems! The third part focuses on Aragorn and friends. The fourth part focuses on Frodo, Sam, and Gollum.

I just LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the third book. I am a big fan of Treebeard and the Ents. And of course I loved following Aragorn and the others into action, into the uncertainties of war. War is coming--there is no denying that evil is coming and coming fast. So it was compelling to read this section. It felt familiar and right to read this one.
'Halfling! But they are only a little people in old songs and children's tales out of the North. Do we walk in legends or on the green earth in the daylight?'
'A man may do both,' said Aragorn. 'For not we but those who come after will make the legends of our time. The green earth, say you? That is a mighty matter of legend, though you tread it under the light of day!' (37) 
While I can't say that I absolutely loved the fourth book--Sam and Frodo's book--as much as the other, I can say that I definitely appreciated it. I just love Sam! I do!

He never had any real hope in the affair from the beginning; but being a cheerful hobbit he had not needed hope, as long as despair could be postponed. (246)

"I wonder if we shall ever be put into songs or tales. We're in one, of course; but I mean: put into words, you know, told by the fireside, or read out of a great big book with red and black letters, years and years afterwards. And people will say: let's hear about Frodo and the Ring!" (321)
I am definitely loving these books! I wish I had read them sooner. But the timing just happens to be right for me now.

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Unknown said...

The Lord of the Rings is my all-time favourite book.

I always love seeing other people reading it and loving it too.

Hope to see your response to the Return of the King.

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hopeinbrazil said...

I'm halfway through this book and I'm loving it too. I'm so glad I saw the movie so long ago that I barely remember it.

Pravin said...

An amazing fantasy book. I enjoyed Fellowship of the ring and I enjoyed Two Towers too.