Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Good Land (MG)

The Good Land. Loula Grace Erdman. 1959/2007. Bethlehem Books. 185 pages.

Carolyn Pierce, pulling the white linen cloth straight on the long dining-room table, thought that perhaps the worst problem a girl could have was for people to think she didn't have any at all. 

I really, really, really liked this one. It is the last in Loula Grace Erdman's historical trilogy set in the Texas Panhandle. It concludes the hint of romance between Katie and Bryan--from the second book. And Carolyn herself has an admirer! I definitely liked the lightness, the sweetness, the innocence of these three romances. (Melinda and Dennis met in the first book, were married in the second book, and had a boy and a girl by the third book.)

Carolyn is looking forward to going to high school in Amarillo, but that is a year away still when the novel opens. And while it may seem like 'nothing happens' in her own community--farming and ranching community--that isn't exactly true. They've got new stand-offish neighbors for one thing...

The Good Land may not be an adventurous novel with one thrill after another. (The big event is a prairie fire.) But it is a quiet-and-happy novel all the same. For people who love historical fiction, I think it holds enough interest.

Read The Good Land
  • If you love historical fiction set in Texas
  • If you love historical fiction with the lightest, sweetest touches of romance
  • If you enjoy coming-of-age stories 

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