Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Treasure Island (1883)

Treasure Island. Robert Louis Stevenson. 1883. 311 pages.

I was surprised by how much I liked Treasure Island. I didn't really expect it to be my kind of book. And, in a way, it still isn't. (I'm not going to feel the same devotion to Jim Hawkins that I feel for Anne Shirley.) But it is a GOOD adventure story. Plenty of drama, action, adventure, surprise, and danger. It is a life-or-death adventure book abounding with good guys and bad guys.

Jim Hawkins is our hero. Though he isn't always confident in his abilities to be A HERO, Hawkins is the hero that he needs to be when it counts, the hero he needs to be in order to save the day. Jim Hawkins' father owned an inn. One day a former pirate (Billy Bones) comes for an extended stay at the inn. He hires the young boy (Jim) to be on the lookout for a one-legged pirate (Long John Silver). He does NOT want to meet up with this pirate--or really any other pirate for that matter. But he is found by a few pirates before long. Jim's life is messy in that his own father is dying and this pirate is dying; the same doctor sees after both men. The pirate brought with him a sea chest (with a treasure map). Having this chest at the inn brings danger and excitement. Eventually it takes Hawkins to sea with others--some good guys, some bad guys--all in search for this treasure on an island. Of course, the good guys aren't aware that the others are "bad" and have murderous intentions. But readers learn this information right along with Hawkins...

While the novel is interesting before they reach the island, the book REALLY becomes interesting once they reach the island.

Read Treasure Island
  • If you like watching pirate movies or reading pirate stories
  • If you like adventure stories
  • If you like coming-of-age stories

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LuckyluvsFiction said...

"If you like watching pirate movies or reading pirate stories" that really sounds like me, Pirates of the Caribbean remains my favorite.But you make me want to try this out. I m thinking it will make an interesting read. very nice review

JaneGS said...

I'm really looking forward to rereading this book. I read it a few times as a kid and liked it, but haven't read it for so long. I can remember being utterly terrified of the black spot!

>But readers learn this information right along with Hawkins...

I can remember feeling shock when the ones I thought were good turned out not be at all.

Great storytelling--enjoyed your review, which prompted my stroll down memory lane.

hopeinbrazil said...

This is one classic I've never felt inclined to read. Thanks for the review that gives me hope that I might like it.