Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Runaway King (2013)

The Runaway King. Jennifer A. Nielsen. 2013. Scholastic. 352 pages.

I really LOVED The False Prince. The Runaway King did not disappoint as a sequel. The novel opens with an assassination attempt,"I had arrived early for my own assassination." I love it when books have great first lines! How could I not want to read on?! Jaron has only been on the throne a short while and already the kingdom is in great danger, Jaron's life is at risk. The regents of the kingdom want Jaron to go into hiding, "for his own good" of course. They would rather deal with a steward in the king's place than have a "boy" on the throne, a boy who isn't afraid of facing reality. Jaron looks at the facts and sees: WAR IS COMING, WAR IS COMING, WAR IS COMING. His regents seem to see a different reality: peace, peace, peace, we must have peace no matter what, peace, peace, always we must have peace. Jaron would feel absolutely alone--forsaken--if it wasn't for a few friends who knew him before, knew him as Sage...

Running away from the throne, from the kingdom, might be Jaron's best option...

The Runaway King is such an exciting book! I love, love, love the fact that we get to go with Jaron/Sage on his journey into enemy territory as his own cleverness is put to the test...

I am still loving the world-building, the characterization, the dialogue, the storytelling. It's a GREAT book.

Favorite quote:
“Above all else, I think that you are a compulsive liar."
My laughter was tense, but sincere. "Hardly. In fact, I consider myself a compulsive truth teller. It's only that everyone else seems compelled to misunderstand me.”  
Read The Runaway King
  • If you LOVED The False Prince, it will not disappoint!
  • If you enjoy fantasy novels
  • If world-building, characterization, and great storytelling matter to you! 

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proseandkahn said...

I share your love for this series and love the quote you chose.

brenda (proseandkahn)

Lucky Akpodiete said...

Great review there Becky, even though I prefer its' predecessor in the sequel "The False Prince";
'Runaway King' didn't disappoint

Brenda said...

Wonderful review, love the quote too. What a great first line right?