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2015 Challenges: Victorian Bingo

Host: Becky's Book Reviews
Name: Victorian Bingo (Sign-Up)
Dates: January - December 2015 (you can start reading now)
# of books: minimum of 5, I'm going to try to read 10 books

First Bingo

Category: Male Author
Title: Hard Times. Charles Dickens. 1854/1992. Everyman's Library. 336 pages.  [Source: Library]
Category: Book Published in the 1850s
Title:  The Semi-Detached House. Emily Eden. 1859. 172 pages. [Source: Bought]  
Category: Book That You Wish Had Been Adapted Into A Movie
Title: Ayala's Angel. Anthony Trollope. 1881. 631 pages. [Source: Bought]
Category: Mystery, Suspense, Sensation
Title:  Jezebel's Daughter. Wilkie Collins. 1880. 304 pages. [Source: Bought]
Category: Book That Has Been Adapted Into A Movie
Title: The Warden. Anthony Trollope. 1855. Oxford World's Classics. 294 pages. [Source: Bought]

Second Bingo

Category:Book with A Name in the Title
Title: Rachel Ray by Anthony Trollope. 1863. 403 pages. [Source: Bought]
Category: Book of Your Choice
Title: Miss Marjoribanks. Margaret Oliphant. 1866. 512 pages. [Source: Bought]
Category: Reread of Your Choice
Title:  Heidi. Johanna Spyri. 1880/2009. Puffin Classics/Penguin.  320 pages. [Source: Bough
Category: Book Published in the 1870s
Title:  At The Back of the North Wind. George MacDonald. 1871. 346 pages. [Source: Bought]
Category: Collection, Fairy Tales
Title:  The Turnip Princess and Other Newly Discovered Fairy Tales. Franz Xaver Von Schonwerth. Translated by Maria Tatar. 2015. Penguin. 288 pages. [Source: Review copy]

What I've read:

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