Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Dragon Spear (2009)

Dragon Spear. Jessica Day George. 2009. Bloomsbury USA. 248 pages. [Source: Library]

Dragon Spear is the last in the series. I struggled with this one the first time I read it. At the time, I blamed it completely on the fact that I hadn't read the other two books recently enough. Surely, if I had remembered the first two books better, this one would be just as wonderful, right?! Did reading all three books within a week help? Yes. That being said, did I love this third book? Not as much as I wanted to love it. I wanted to love it just as much as the first book, so the series would end just as strong and wonderful as it began. What I continued to love, love, love were the characters. What I didn't quite love was all the action. I actually found the action-sequences a bit confusing in this third book. Creel and Luka and their friends are once again in danger--great danger--and war seems inevitable. This time a dragon civil war. It's action-packed with plenty of intensity. (This book has volcanoes.) It had its light moments, as well, which I enjoyed. (Like when Creel's aunt and uncle come to visit the royal family). Overall, I found myself liking it. But when you've LOVED, LOVED, LOVED previous books in the series, "really liking" feels a bit disappointing. (But that's just when you compare all three books to one another. Comparing Dragon Spear to other MG/YA Fantasy books, it's still a very good, very strong read.)

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