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Ninotchka. Directed by Ernst Lubitsch. 1939. 110 minutes. [Source: Library]

Three Russian 'comrades' come to Paris with the purpose to sell the imperial jewels. The Grand Duchess, who is living in exile in Paris, feels the jewels are rightly hers and begins a tedious legal action to try to stall the sell. The three Russians become carried away by the good life in Paris--with a little help from the Duchess' boyfriend, Count Leon d'Algout. Another Russian is sent to get the job done right. Enter Greta Garbo in the role of Ninotchka. She's devoted to the communist cause, stern, serious, always on-task, always putting others before herself.

First and foremost, this is a ROMANCE. It's a charming, thoughtful, beautiful ROMANCE. I loved it almost start to finish. I'll be honest, the first part of the movie was a little slow. But when Ninotchka meets Count Leon, I became hooked. I didn't find Camille to be a particularly good movie. It was okay. But not gush-worthy. This on the other hand was LOVELY. I enjoyed the characters very much. And I really, really, really LOVED the ending. I liked Iranoff, Buljanoff, and Kopalski so much by the end of the movie!

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Mel u said...

I love this movie. I have seen it numerous times. It is a romance for sure but also a love story about Paris. Thanks for this post bringing it back to my mind. Garbo does a brilliant job.