Friday, September 06, 2019

The Rule of One

The Rule of One. Ashley and Leslie Saunders. 2018. 258 pages. [Source: Library]

First sentence: I am falling. The dark is claustrophobic, like I’m buried underground.

Premise/plot: The Rule of One is a YA dystopian novel set for the most part in Texas—a Texas in the future. The premise that drives the book is that a strict one-child policy is in force. Ava and Mira are identical twins living a lie. Both are living as Ava Goodwin. But only one has the required microchip; only one is legal. The father is a high up political somebody; he too is part of the lie. But their family is worth any and every risk, right? So early on in the novel the lie is uncovered. The girls are forced to flee. Their first stop is Amarillo by morning. They hope to find the first of several safe houses. But life on the one is anything but easy. Resources are few, prejudices are many. The haves have spent decades learning not to care about the have-nots. Did they really need to be taught? Can Ava and Mira survive long enough to take a stand. And have a political impact?!

My thoughts: I found this premise driven novel to have plenty of action. Their on the go route is a familiar one minus Montana and Canada. I could almost imagine the sights they would see. But it is also important to keep in mind this is a dark and troubled future. Cities and towns have been abandoned because they cannot afford to rebuild after devastating storms and fires. No government assistance for rebuilding or resettling. In fact very little government assistance at all for those impoverished for any reason.

I liked it enough to read in one day. I am not sure it is love in terms of characters and writing. But the plot kept me reading.

There is a sequel. I will probably read it.

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