Friday, January 03, 2020

3. A Blind Goddess

A Blind Goddess (Billy Boyle #8) James R. Benn. 2013. Soho Crime. 320 pages [Source: Library] [Genres: Historical; Mystery]

First sentence: Tree didn’t speak.

Premise/plot: Billy Boyle stars in his eighth historical mystery in A Blind Goddess. In this one he has several seemingly unrelated mysteries to solve. One mystery is unofficial, a favor for a friend. Tree’s friend, Angry, is innocent but charged with murder. Both fear that the color of his skin (Tree and Angry are black and serving with a colored unit. Remember this was during a time of segregation and racism.) Officially, he is investigating the murder of Stuart Neville. Semi-officially he is helping local police looking for missing girls and a kidnapper. This small, quiet town has much going on!

My thoughts: I loved, loved, loved this one. I love that all my favorite recurring characters make substantial appearances. Diana and Billy have a chance at long last to get some time together. Diana has a month long leave after her ordeal. But she can’t forget the atrocities of the extermination camps. Billy is supportive of her efforts to get the word out. Billy is super, super busy solving mysteries. He’s helped by Kaz (whom I adore) and Big Mike. I loved meeting Tree. I loved Inspector Payne, the local detective. I loved the flashback scenes. I loved how everything comes together.

This is a thought provoking read that tackles subjects that some might find uncomfortable. These issues are still relevant, unfortunately. 

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