Friday, June 09, 2023

115. Captain America: The Ghost Army

Captain America: The Ghost Army. Alan Gratz. Illustrated by Brent Schoonover. 2023. [January] 176 pages. [Source: Library] [Middle Grade; Young Adult]


Premise/plot: Graphic novel set during World War II starring Captain America (aka Steve Rogers) and Bucky Barnes (aka James Buchanan Barnes). There are others you'd probably recognize as well from the Marvel Universe. It is set during World War II, as I mentioned, and the pair are investigating a strange, supernatural phenomenon. The soldiers that they'd killed just hours before have come back to life and are foes once more. Their victory camaraderie broken up by GHOSTS. But ghosts that are held back (restrained) by moving water. This is a [supernatural] mystery worth investigating...and it takes them into a village.

Meanwhile, readers get panels featuring the villainy-villains. A big battle between the two is coming....

My thoughts: I have never read an actual-actual Marvel comic OR graphic novel. This is definitely a graphic novel. (I talk as if I could tell the difference with my eyes blindfolded. I couldn't.) Captain America and Bucky are two great characters that I've loved from the movies alone. I know, I know, I know that the comics can be VERY different from the movie depictions. I do think there are some differences--perhaps big differences--between these characters and the movie characters. They are not cookie cutter copies. How Gratz's and Schoonover's depiction line up against the actual [canon] collection of Marvel comics is a question for someone more well-schooled. Again, not my area of expertise. 

I definitely appreciated the story. It was a little bit over the top, but in a good way.


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