Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Harding's Luck (1909)

Harding's Luck. E. Nesbit. 1909. 164 pages. [Source: Bought]

I really enjoyed reading E. Nesbit's House of Arden. In House of Arden, Edred and Elfrida meet a young boy, Richard Arden, on one of their trips to the past. They get along with their cousin very well. He seems to understand them and accept them. They even learn that he has "seen" the world they come from, that he knows things he couldn't possibly know unless he had also visited the future. In Harding's Luck, a companion novel, readers learn more about "Richard Arden." The story follows the adventures of Dickie Harding, a poor, "crippled", orphan boy who is unhappy living with his "aunt." He is "adopted" by a stranger, Mr. Beale. Together they tramp along in city and country alike. But Dickie isn't exactly happy with the begging life. And some of Mr. Beale's friends, well, Dickie doesn't trust them at all. He's afraid that begging will become outright burglary. But Dickie is about to discover he is no ordinary boy. He finds his own magic, perhaps. The details are a bit messy perhaps, but he discovers a way to travel back in time to the days of King James. In the past, he is Richard Arden. He has a family; he has a home; he's loved; and, he's not lame. He loves, loves, loves living in the past. But he can't help remaining loyal to his "father," Mr. Beale. If only there were a way for him to take care of Mr. Beale, to get him in a better position for living life, and to stay happily in the past too...

I absolutely loved the hero! I did. This one was very enjoyable! I would not say it is a perfect read, but, it is oh-so-good.

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