Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What's On Your Nightstand: June

The folks at 5 Minutes For Books host What’s On Your Nightstand? the fourth Tuesday of each month in which we can share about the books we have been reading and/or plan to read.

Currently Reading:

The Princess of Celle by Jean Plaidy
Does it count if I haven't picked it up in a week or two?! I have every intention of finishing it. But. I've been distracted lately. (Watching six seasons of LOST almost marathon-style will do it, I suppose!)

The Birth of Britain (History of the English Speaking People #1). Winston Churchill.
Some chapters I love. Some chapters, well, not so much. Some are very boring. I won't lie. This one ends around the time of Richard III. I want to finish it. I'm very curious to learn his opinions!

Is He Popenjoy? by Anthony Trollope
I haven't been faithfully reading this one either. I've been reading it since May! I only have a few hundred pages left. I don't want to not finish. But again with the distractions!

Earth Awakens by Orson Scott Card and Aaron Johnston
I want to be in the mood to love this book. But I'm not quite there. It's hard to read current series where you have to wait a year between books, it's hard to get back into the story and the characters after so much time. I do want to finish before it's due at the library though.

Want to be reading:

Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbit
I always start out the year with an "Impossible Dream" idea of how many books I can read in a year. I had wanted to read all of E. Nesbit's books this year. I have read a good many, but, I need to get very busy reading if I want to finish this goal. This is the next book up.

An Autobiography. Agatha Christie.

This book is a chunkster. It is on my 2014 TBR reading challenge list. If I want to finish it this year, it would be best to start it now in the summer!

The Dog Who Could Fly: The Incredible True Story of a WWII Airman and the Four-Legged Hero Who Flew At His Side. Damien Lewis.
This nonfiction book sounds fascinating!

Mission at Nuremberg by Tim Townsend
Another nonfiction book that sounds worthy!

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Suko said...

Becky, it's good know that I'm not the only one who has been distracted form reading lately! Thank you for sharing your nightstand and your thoughts. :)

Hopewell said...

Very interesting stuff here! I love Trollope and Churchill, but you are right--some chapters are just slow!

Hopewell said...

Woops forgot to change to use my blog site http://hopewellmomschoolreborn.blogspot.com/2014/06/whats-on-your-nightstand-june-2014.html

Kari West said...

I just stumbled across your blog, and I really like it! I always love finding new book recommendations. I also have Orson Scott Card's newest book in my to-read queue. I get what you're saying about trying to get re-integrated into the story with the year gap in between each book. I'm planning on reviewing that book myself in the next few weeks, so I'll be excited to check back & see if you have any more thoughts on it. Thanks for all your work on this blog!

- Kari

Lisa notes... said...

There are always so many distractions to reading, aren't there? I read the most when it's a boring TV season (and I really don't want much TV, but still). I never started watching Lost, so I guess it's best that I don't start now. ha.

I want to read Les Miserables this year, so I know I need to get started on it soon too. But since I just finished (finally) The Brothers Karamazov, I'm giving myself a little break in between. The Dog Who Could Fly does sound interesting to me too.

Carrie said...

I'm getting a kick out of the fact that you called a book a "chunkster." HA! HA!

Yay for Mission at Nuremberg. So totally worth it!

Barbara H. said...

I've never read Trollope - I don't think I've ever even heard much about him until recently - but I've seen several people reading him lately. I should probably give him a try some time.

Mission at Nuremburg sounds really interesting.