Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Family Legacies

Nelson, Suzanne. 2006. The Sound of Munich.

Siena Bernstein is a seventeen year old girl on a secret mission: while studying abroad a semester in Germany, she wants to find the man responsible for helping her father and grandparents escape East Berlin. Being half-German has never meant much to Siena, after all, her father died when she was a baby. She’s never known his family--or even if his family is still alive. But when her friend urges her to apply to study abroad in the Students Across the Seven Seas program, it’s an opportunity Siena siezes. Now she’s anxious to connect with her German heritage and perhaps learn a little about who her father was, what she doesn’t expect is to come to a new realization of who she is.The Sound of Munich is an entertaining YA novel with a heart. Siena and friends learn much about life, friendship, and perhaps more than they ever wanted about sausage.

Other titles in the series (S.A.S.S.) include

Getting the Boot by Peggy Guthart Strauss (2005)
Pardon my French by Cathy Hapka (2005)
Spain or Shine by Michelle Jellen (2005)
Westminster Abby by Micol Ostow (2005)
Now and Zen by Linda Gerber (2006)
Heart and Salsa by Suzanne Johnson Nelson (2006)

S.A.S.S. series from Penguin Group

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Anonymous said...

In my limited experience with European travel I have found it most prudent to either eat the sausage without asking questions or forgo it completely. There is no acceptable middle ground.