Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Brothers On A Quest

Brooks, Kevin. 2006. The Road of the Dead.

Ruben has always had a gift for reading other people’s thoughts and emotions. But he never expected to witness--at least paranormally--the rape and murder of his sister, Rachel. Thus begins THE ROAD OF THE DEAD...”When the Dead Man got Rachel I was sitting in the back of a wrecked Mercedes wondering of the rain was going to stop” (1). The emotions which follow are overwhelming for him, after passing out he awakens to “the pain of a jagged knife ripping open my heart” letting him know that his sister is dead. “Her last breath had just left her. I could see it stealing away on the wind. I watched it floating over a ring of stones and through the branches of a stunted thorn tree, and then the storm came down with a purple-black light that rolled the sky to the ground, and that was the last thing I saw” (4). His gift--now a curse--leads him and his brother Cole on a dangerous journey to the town where his sister was murdered. Their goal to find their sister’s murderer and bring him to justice so they can have some peace and bury her body. It won’t be easy for the two since they are facing a corrupt police system and a town full of secrets that some are more than willing to kill to protect. The brothers will need supernatural trust to succeed, is Ruben’s gift enough to keep them both alive?

Author Profile: Kevin Brooks

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