Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hearts Aglow

Hearts Aglow. (Striking a Match #2) Tracie Peterson. 2011. Bethany House. 368 pages.

"Deborah, wake up! Deborah hurry!"

Deborah, our heroine, has dreams of becoming a doctor. A dream encouraged and supported by Dr. Christopher Clayton, her love interest. But Deborah knows that this journey won't be an easy one, for there are many who believe that women should not be doctors. And that's not all her town is small-minded about. No, Deborah is shocked and angered by her town's lack of concern over racial violence. There are a group of men (in white sheets presumably) terrorizing local blacks--including the blacks that work for the family, that work in the family's lumber business. Sissy is part of the family--there's never been a time she wasn't considered such. So when her husband and son are murdered--lynched--and when she herself is beaten close to death,  the Vandermark family is rightly angered. But is there a way to bring the case to justice? It doesn't seem likely. Not that Deborah is willing to accept that as an answer. And that's just one of many injustices presented in the newest title in the series. There is plenty of conflict, plenty of drama.

Hearts Aglow is the sequel to Embers of Love. This historical romance is set in Texas in the 1880s.

I would say the jacket description/jacket summary is quite misleading! It's not that I didn't recognize it as the book I read--but it took a bit of stretching to get it there!

Did I love it? No. Do I have to love every book I read? No! I enjoyed it enough to keep reading. It may not be--for me--an oh-so-magical read, but for the right reader, this one may prove quite satisfying.

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I might try this one, sounds good.