Thursday, April 02, 2020

50. The Bone Fire

The Bone Fire. (Somershill Manor Mystery #4) S.D. Sykes. 2019. 400 pages. [Source: Library] [adult mystery; adult historical fiction; historical mystery]

First sentence: Our party left Somershill in the November of 1361, as soon as we heard that plague had crossed the river Darent.

Premise/plot: Oswald de Lacy is taking his wife and son (and mother) to safety during the latest outbreak of Plague. They will be staying with a friend in a fortified castle. Other families will be taking refuge as well. They may be safe from the disease but are they safe from one another?!?! Imagine Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None only with the threat of Black Death too. Okay, that may not be a fair comparison. But the truth is bodies do keep piling up....

My thoughts: I missed a book in the series. Perhaps my library branch didn’t have it on the shelf, maybe they don’t have it at all. But because of COVID I can’t get it now anyway. I missed his falling in love and marrying. But this story still makes sense even if there are three new characters.

I definitely enjoyed this one. The series is good.

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Lark said...

This series does sound good. I'll have to look for it...when my library opens back up. If it ever does.