Thursday, April 16, 2020

56. Killing November

Killing November. Adriana Mather. 2019. 368 pages. [Source: Review copy] [YA Fiction; YA Action; YA Mystery]

First sentence: My name is November Adley and I was born in August. The way my dad tells it, the Connecticut nights were unusually cool that summer, and the day I arrived our maple burst with color reminiscent of late fall—hence my name. He claims the leaves shone so brightly in the morning sun that it looked like our front lawn was on fire. Dad also says that’s part of the reason I’m obsessed with the woods.

Premise/plot: November Adley finds herself in a new and spooky environment. It turns out her father has sent her to boarding school--but not just any boarding school. This one specializes in secrets, mayhem, and perhaps a little murder. Will November live long enough to discover all the secrets?!

My thoughts: I definitely enjoyed this action-packed YA thriller. November, our heroine, is naive but super-skilled. She teams up with her roommate, Layla, and Ash (Layla's brother). There are many mysteries to solve, but not much time to piece everything together. Every day is packed with dangers and intrigues.

I did enjoy the world-building. I thought that worked nicely. It definitely has a YA feel to it. It's fun.

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Lark said...

Someone else recently blogged about this book; they really liked it, too. Said it was fun. I'm intrigued because of the whole boarding school thing. I love a book set in a boarding school. ;D