Friday, March 12, 2021

Movie Review: The Exception

Today I watched a new-to-me World War II film, The Exception. It stars one of my favorite, favorite, favorite actors--Christopher Plummer. He plays an exiled (Emperor) Kaiser Wilhelm II. The film is based on a novel, The Kaiser's Last Kiss, which I have not read. (I mention this because I like to know if there's a book behind a movie--I haven't looked at the reviews of the book, or the movie for that matter.)

So the main character, Captain Stefan Brandt arrives at his new station in Holland; he is the new bodyguard for the exiled Kaiser. Perhaps it's not his first, second, or third choice for an assignment--but you don't really argue with your superiors--Nazi or not. While there he meets an attractive young maid Mieke (played by Lily James who is just about in every film ever made). The two become entangled. This is a MATURE movie. (I can't remember if it was rated MA or R.) He is to keep an eye out for an English agent that is thought to be in the area.

While there he becomes familiar with the Kaiser and his wife and some of the staff. (None so intimately well as the maid, Mieke.) As these two fall in love, complications arise--many, many complications. Will Brandt prove the exception to the rule? Or is he just like all the others?

I really loved SO MUCH about this movie. If I could change anything about the movie at all, it would be to take out the mature love scenes. If you want to cash in on what sells, then it maybe could have been done with a bit more taste? I know, I know not everyone shares my views on these matters--how much skin is TOO MUCH skin.

I thought the writing was EXCELLENT.


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