Sunday, February 05, 2023

Sunday Salon #6 Too much of a good thing?

Last week, I mentioned two books that I'd all but given up hope on getting read. I finished both of them during the week. And reviewed them. That's great, right? Well, mostly! I love finishing books. I desperately need to always be finishing books. But I also happened to read a handful of books throughout the week--one book per sitting. I love this when it happens--mostly. It can be incredibly satisfying to sit down with a book and finish it in one sitting--no bookmarks necessary! But there's something comforting about being in the middle of a book. Of having several books going. So long as there are a couple of books in the "currently reading" pile, one never has to make critical decisions of what do I read. I'll rephrase. Instead of looking at 1000+ possibilities of what to is narrowed down to say twelve choices. That's a BIG difference, right, when you get overwhelmed making decisions. 

I have probably twenty library books checked out. And probably that many on my hold list. (Though not all ready to pick up, thankfully!) Last Monday was a big AWARDS ANNOUNCEMENT day. I hadn't read any of the Newbery honors or the winner. (So I definitely plan to get to those soon).

Two review copies that I'm eager to pick up are SECRET SISTERS BY AVI and FALLING OUT OF TIME BY MARGARET PETERSON HADDIX.


Do you have trouble deciding what to read next?

Do you try to read Newbery winners and honor books?

What book(s) are you excited to read 'soon'? 

Do you think you can have too many library books checked out?


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Ms. Yingling said...

I'd read all of the awards winners; never very impressed by all of them. I just read things in order of publication, mainly from Netgalley and Edelweiss, with a few from YABC and other sources. Looking forward to Falling Out of Time, and read Running Out of Time so I was up to speed. Glad you are in a good place with your reading!