Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Confessions of A Not It Girl

Kantor, Melissa. 2004. Confessions of a Not It Girl.

Jan Miller is a senior in high school who's convinced she is destined to lead the world's least fabulous life.

CONFESSIONS OF A NOT IT GIRL follows the story of Jan Miller and her misadventures in and out of love on the high school scene. She is your typical boy-crazy girl who may be more in love with love than any actual boy she meets. But then again, she is young. She has all the time in the world to mature and learn some hard lessons. I really liked Confessions of A Not It Girl. It was funny. It was entertaining. It was just so right in that light-hearted m&m's way. The book's central focus is on whether or not Jan can get the guy. The guy in question: Josh. Josh is the stepbrother of a little girl she babysits. He's also in her English class which prompts this:

Only that morning Mr. Kryle had been my favorite teacher and English my favorite subject, especially since we had just finished reading Romeo and Juliet, which, only that morning had been my favorite play. English stopped being my favorite subject, Mr. Kryle stopped being my favorite teacher, and Romeo and Juliet stopped being my favorite play at approximately 10:56 AM eastern standard time, which is when Mr. Kryle ruined my life by calling me up to the front of the room to act out the last scene in the play, the one where Romeo finds Juliet sleeping in the tomb and thinks she's dead (14).

When Josh is cast as Romeo, Jan might have looked a little too eager to be kissed. Which is why I not only need to change English classes but most enroll in the government's witness protection plan immediately (17).

After a dozen or so similar missteps, it's easy to see why Jan thinks her love life is doomed. But could love be just around the corner? Could she be misreading the signs and signals of guys in her life? Can she finally figure out this thing called love before graduating from high school?

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