Sunday, April 22, 2007

Grandfather's Dance

MacLachlan, Patricia. 2006. Grandfather’s Dance.

Grandfather’s Dance concludes a story first begun in Sarah Plain & Tall. Narrated once again by Cassie, this young heroine is full of life, spunk, and devotion. As the wedding of her older sister, Anna, approaches the family begins to come together. At the center of it all is a lovable grandfather. The baby, Cassie’s younger brother whom she had such a hard time appreciating in the last book, More Perfect Than the Moon, especially dotes on the grandfather and follows him around everywhere. Full of highlights, the one that touches me most is when Cassie dreams that she is getting married but that her grandfather isn’t there. To comfort her or reassure her, they act out a wedding where she marries the love of her life--the dog.

“I don’t love anyone for marrying...except for Lottie and Nick. Do you think I could marry a dog?” Mama smiled. “That would be nice,” she said. “They are always glad to see you. Always forgiving if you speak sharply to them. They love you no matter what.” She bit off a piece of thread. “I think marrying a dog would be splendid.” “Me, too.” Mama and I smiled at each other. (11).

The second-best part of the book (for me) is when they have their family portrait taken.

The sounds of voices and laughter are like little pebbles
All around us.
We can reach up and scoop them up in our hands
Holding them close to us.
Saving them forever.
(p. 63)

But be warned, the book is sad. Sad but wonderful.

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