Sunday, April 01, 2007

Playlist Challenge

I am fond of a meme now and then...and I really loved this one...I found it at Memegirls. Here are the rules:

For this meme, create a playlist of 5-10 songs for one of your favorite books, and post the playlist- along with any explanation you want to include about the songs- to your blog. For bonus points, design an album cover, too!

Now I am not artistic enough to design an album idea of 'designing' an album cover would be copying and pasting artwork/clip art I found online. And even then, the results would look homemade and on the cheeseful side.

But here is my project:

Book/Author: Confessions of A Not It Girl by Melissa Kantor
Album Title: Confessions of a Hopeless Romantic :)
Song 1: I Think I’m In Love With You by Jessica Simpson
Song 2: Like Wow by Leslie Carter (as featured in Shrek)
Song 3: Something About You by Five For Fighting
Song 4: Some Hearts by Kelly Levesque (as featured in America’s Sweetheart)
Song 5: Like Lovers Do by by Heather Nova (as featured in Serendipity)
Song 6: This Year by Chantal Kreviazuk (as featured in Serendipity)
Song 7: Kiss Me by Sixpence None the Richer
Song 8: First Kiss by Mandy Moore
Song 9: Trouble With Boys by Loreta (as featured on Friends Again Soundtrack)
Song 10: Symphony by Jessica Riddle
Song 11: Wonder (If She’ll Get It) by Superchick

Explanations: Jan Miller is a young, hopeless romantic who is boy-crazy. She is always 'falling' for one guy after another thinking that he is the *one* for her. Her 'love' may change from day to day...but the desire to find that one, true, perfect love remains. She is a girl with an active fantasy life...but who is a little more shy when it comes to actually interacting with the opposite sex. She is young. She is innocent. She is naive. She is fun. "Wonder" by the Superchicks is probably the closest match I can think of for the perfect themesong.

"Wonder (If She'll Get It)"

Dear diary
I saw this guy at the show
He was singing to me
At last I think so
All the world around me stopped when he said
He's the perfect guy
His hair, his eyes, oh I love his smile
When he opened the door
Knew he was worthwhile
He looked so good standing right next to me
So beautiful I know our children will be
This time I know it's true love

He is the one that I've been waiting for
I promise to love him
I've waited my whole life for the day I am his
I just know he's the
Wonder what his name is

Dear diary
Today I found a new guy
With a movie star face and the perfect lines
Knight in shining armor
Hero to rescue me
He'll be so romantic just like in the movies
He'll play the role of a boyfriend for me
Like in "here on earth" with leelee sobieski
There's just one problem something I might have missed
He's a movie star he doesn't know I exist
This time I know it's true love


Dear diary
I thought my dreams had come true
Last week I found the one to give my heart to
Told all my friends about him, even tried his last name
Didn't see that to him it was all just a game
He seemed so nice, I've known him for a whole week
But my friends didn't like him, didn't know him like me
No more crushes, no more ruses, learn to be satisfied
With being single again - wait who's that guy
You are cute!

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