Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Starfinder (MG)

Marco, John. 2009. Starfinder. Daw Books. 326 pages.

Moth was flying his kite near the aerodrome when he heard the dragonfly crash.

Starfinder is a fantasy novel for young adults. It's a typical fantasy in many ways. It stars a young boy--an orphan of course--who is thrust into a mysterious quest which ends up changing his destiny. Full of adventure and fantastical creatures--centaurs, dragons, mermaids, etc., the novel picks up pace after Moth, our narrator, loses his caregiver (grandfather-figure) Leroux. Soon Moth and his best friend, a young girl named Fiona, are off on a quest to fulfill an old man's dying wish. A wish that they can't quite wrap their minds around, but a promise is a promise is a promise. So off they go into the unknown and along the way they may just discover the unknown about themselves.

I'll be honest, the first few chapters dragged for me. I wasn't particularly inspired to keep reading. But once the quest had begun, once the adventure started, once they met the dragon, it began to pick up for me. I actually became connected with the story. (Or at least better connected with the story.) Though it got off to a rough start--for me--it did improve enough for me to be thankful that I stuck with it. And I think that now the world and characters have been created--have been set up--it will only get better from here.

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Shooting Stars Mag said...

Nice review. I'm still in the middle of this one...slacking, I know...but I did post the first half of my review as I'm about halfway through the book. I do agree, it's a great adventure story that picks up as you go along. That often happens though, have to explain the world and everything, I guess.


Meghan said...

I felt similarly about this book. Once it got going, it really got going, but it took a few chapters. Once the world was established, the author could really get down to the business of adventure. I'm looking forward to others in the series. =)

Kailana said...

I find that the first couple chapters drag, too! I put it aside to read later, so I am glad to hear it starts to pick up! I have to pick it back up again soon!